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Sen Yang
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Parallel restarted SGD with faster convergence and less communication: Demystifying why model averaging works for deep learning
H Yu, S Yang, S Zhu
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Multifeature, sparse-based approach for defects detection and classification in semiconductor units
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Weighted linear methods for the camera pose estimation
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Shrinking the upper confidence bound: A dynamic product selection problem for urban warehouses
R Jin, D Simchi-Levi, L Wang, X Wang, S Yang
Management Science, 2021
On the Convergence of (Stochastic) Gradient Descent with Extrapolation for Non-Convex Optimization
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BAGUA: Scaling up Distributed Learning with System Relaxations
S Gan, X Lian, R Wang, J Chang, C Liu, H Shi, S Zhang, X Li, T Sun, ...
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Shifted Chunk Transformer for Spatio-Temporal Representational Learning
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GDP: Stabilized Neural Network Pruning via Gates with Differentiable Polarization
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POSO: Personalized Cold Start Modules for Large-scale Recommender Systems
S Dai, H Lin, Z Zhao, J Lin, H Wu, Z Wang, S Yang, J Liu
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Unified Visual Transformer Compression
ZW Shixing Yu, Tianlong Chen, Jiayi Shen, Huan Yuan, Jianchao Tan, Sen Yang ...
ICLR 2022, 2022
TNASP: A Transformer-based NAS Predictor with a Self-evolution Framework
JL S Lu, J Li, J Tan, S Yang
NeurIPS 2021, 2021
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