Roel Peeters
Roel Peeters
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Reverse Fuzzy Extractors: Enabling Lightweight Mutual Authentication for PUF-enabled RFIDs
R Maes, R Peeters, A Van Herrewege, C Wachsmann, S Katzenbeisser, ...
Financial Cryptography and Data Security, 374-389, 2012
A Survey on Lightweight Entity Authentication with Strong PUFs
J Delvaux, D Gu, R Peeters, I Verbauwhede
ACM Computing Surveys, 42, 2015
Distributed privacy-preserving transparency logging
T Pulls, R Peeters, K Wouters
12th ACM Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES 2013), 83-94, 2013
Proper RFID Privacy: Model and Protocols
J Hermans, R Peeters, B Preneel
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2888-2902, 2014
When a Bloom Filter is a Doom Filter: Security Assessment of a Novel Iris Biometric Template Protection System
J Hermans, B Mennink, R Peeters
BioSig 2014, 75-86, 2014
Efficient Sparse Merkle Trees: Caching Strategies and Secure (Non-) Membership Proofs
R Dahlberg, T Pulls, R Peeters
NordSec, 199-215, 2016
Efficient, Secure, Private Distance Bounding without Key Updates
J Hermans, R Peeters, C Onete
6th ACM conference on Wireless network security (WiSec 2013), 207-218, 2013
Balloon: A Forward-Secure Append-Only Persistent Authenticated Data Structure
R Peeters, T Pulls
ESORICS 2015, 622-641, 2015
Attack on Liao and Hsiao’s Secure ECC-based RFID Authentication Scheme integrated with ID-Verifier Transfer Protocol
R Peeters, J Hermans
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 4, 2013
Private yoking proofs: attacks, models and new provable constructions
J Hermans, R Peeters
RFIDSec 2012, 96-108, 2012
Wide Strong Private RFID Identification based on Zero-Knowledge
R Peeters, J Hermans
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 22, 2012
Towards More Secure and Reliable Access Control
R Peeters, D Singelee, B Preneel
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IBIHOP: Proper Privacy Preserving Mutual RFID Authentication.
R Peeters, J Hermans, J Fan
RFIDSec Asia 11, 45-56, 2013
Increased resilience in threshold cryptography: sharing a secret with devices that cannot store shares
K Simoens, R Peeters, B Preneel
Pairing-Based Cryptography-Pairing 2010, 116-135, 2010
Insynd: Improved Privacy-Preserving Transparency Logging
R Peeters, T Pulls
ESORICS, 121-139, 2016
Collaborative Joint Content Sharing for Online Social Networks
F Beato, R Peeters
6th IEEE Workshop on SECurity and SOCial Networking (SESOC 2014), 616-621, 2014
Security considerations on extending PACE to a biometric-based connection establishment
N Buchmann, R Peeters, H Baier, A Pashalidis
BioSig 2013, 15-26, 2013
Security Architecture for Things That Think (Beveiligingsarchitectuur voor Intelligente Objecten)
R Peeters
KU Leuven, 2012
Cross-Context Delegation through Identity Federation
R Peeters, K Simoens, D De Cock, B Preneel
BioSig 2008, 79-92, 2008
Speedup for European ePassport Authentication
R Peeters, J Hermans, B Mennink
BioSig 2014, 51-62, 2014
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