Joseph Camp
Joseph Camp
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Measurement driven deployment of a two-tier urban mesh access network
J Camp, J Robinson, C Steger, E Knightly
Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Mobile systems …, 2006
Modulation rate adaptation in urban and vehicular environments: cross-layer implementation and experimental evaluation
J Camp, E Knightly
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JD Camp, EW Knightly
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Measurement and modeling of the origins of starvation in congestion controlled mesh networks
J Shi, O Gurewitz, V Mancuso, J Camp, EW Knightly
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A measurement study of multiplicative overhead effects in wireless networks
J Camp, V Mancuso, O Gurewitz, EW Knightly
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Context-aware analysis and adaptation
J Camp, O Altintas, RK Vuyyuru, D Rajan
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iBeam: Intelligent client-side multi-user beamforming in wireless networks
Y Du, E Aryafar, J Camp, M Chiang
IEEE INFOCOM 2014-IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, 817-825, 2014
SAMU: Design and implementation of selectivity-aware MU-MIMO for wideband WiFi
Y Du, E Aryafar, P Cui, J Camp, M Chiang
2015 12th Annual IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication …, 2015
Final report from the NSF workshop on future directions in wireless networking
S Banerjee, DO Wu
National Science Foundation, 2013
Measurement-based characterization of LOS and NLOS drone-to-ground channels
Y Shi, R Enami, J Wensowitch, J Camp
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JD Beshay, KS Subramani, N Mahabeleshwar, E Nourbakhsh, B McMillin, ...
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WhiteCell: Energy-efficient use of unlicensed frequency bands for cellular offloading
P Cui, M Tonnemacher, D Rajan, J Camp
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A global measurement study of context-based propagation and user mobility
R Meikle, J Camp
Proceedings of the 4th ACM international workshop on Hot topics in planet …, 2012
Electrical and Computer Engineering
JD Camp, EW Knightly
Rice University, Houston, TX, The IEEE 802, 0
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