Monica Enculescu
Monica Enculescu
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Novel nanocomposites based on epoxy resin/epoxy-functionalized polydimethylsiloxane reinforced with POSS
NM Florea, A Lungu, P Badica, L Craciun, M Enculescu, DG Ghita, ...
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N Preda, M Enculescu, I Zgura, M Socol, E Matei, V Vasilache, ...
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Production of 82Se enriched Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) crystals for the study of neutrinoless double beta decay
I Dafinei, S Nagorny, S Pirro, L Cardani, M Clemenza, F Ferroni, ...
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Enhancing antimicrobial activity of TiO2/Ti by torularhodin bioinspired surface modification
C Ungureanu, C Dumitriu, S Popescu, M Enculescu, V Tofan, M Popescu, ...
Bioelectrochemistry 107, 14-24, 2016
Superior biofunctionality of dental implant fixtures uniformly coated with durable bioglass films by magnetron sputtering
AC Popa, GE Stan, M Enculescu, C Tanase, DU Tulyaganov, ...
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Morphological and optical properties of doped potassium hydrogen phthalate crystals
M Enculescu
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Growth and optical characteristics of coumarin 6 doped potassium hydrogen phthalate (KAP) crystals
M Enculescu
Optical materials 32 (2), 281-285, 2009
Electrical properties of electrodeposited CdS nanowires
M Ghenescu, L Ion, I Enculescu, C Tazlaoanu, VA Antohe, M Sima, ...
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Dense Ge nanocrystals embedded in TiO 2 with exponentially increased photoconduction by field effect
AM Lepadatu, A Slav, C Palade, I Dascalescu, M Enculescu, S Iftimie, ...
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Hydrogen generation from photocatalytic silver| zinc oxide nanowires: Towards multifunctional multisegmented nanowire devices
AW Maijenburg, EJB Rodijk, MG Maas, M Enculescu, DHA Blank, ...
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Optical spectroscopy of Yb2+ ions in YbF3-doped CaF2 crystals
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Journal of crystal growth 310 (7-9), 2026-2032, 2008
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