Salvatore Passaro
Salvatore Passaro
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
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Multi-resolution morpho-bathymetric survey results at the Pozzuoli-Baia underwater archaeological site (Naples, Italy).
S Passaro, M Barra, R Saggiomo, S Di Giacomo, A Leotta, H Uhlen, ...
Journal of archaeological science 40 (2), 1268-1278, 2013
Marine electrical resistivity tomography for shipwreck detection in very shallow water: a case study from Agropoli (Salerno, southern Italy)
S Passaro
Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (8), 1989-1998, 2010
Digital elevation model of the Naples bay and adjacent areas, eastern Tyrrhenian Sea
B D’Argenio, G Aiello, G De Alteriis, A Milia, M Sacchi, R Tonielli, ...
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High-resolution morpho-bathymetry of Pozzuoli Bay, southern Italy
R Somma, S Iuliano, F Matano, F Molisso, S Passaro, M Sacchi, C Troise, ...
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Pattern and rate of post-20 ka vertical tectonic motion around the Capo Vaticano Promontory (W Calabria, Italy) based on offshore geomorphological indicators
F Pepe, G Bertotti, L Ferranti, M Sacchi, AM Collura, S Passaro, A Sulli
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Seafloor doming driven by degassing processes unveils sprouting volcanism in coastal areas
S Passaro, S Tamburrino, M Vallefuoco, F Tassi, O Vaselli, L Giannini, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
DTM-based morphometry of the Palinuro seamount (Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea): Geomorphological and volcanological implications
S Passaro, G Milano, C D'Isanto, S Ruggieri, R Tonielli, PP Bruno, ...
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Project VISAS: virtual and augmented exploitation of submerged archaeological sites‐overview and first results
F Bruno, A Lagudi, M Muzzupappa, M Lupia, G Cario, L Barbieri, ...
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Stratigraphic and structural setting of the Ischia volcanic complex (Naples Bay, Southern Italy) revealed by submarine seismic reflection data
G Aiello, E Marsella, S Passaro
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An active oblique‐contractional belt at the transition between the Southern Apennines and Calabrian Arc: The Amendolara Ridge, Ionian Sea, Italy
L Ferranti, P Burrato, F Pepe, E Santoro, ME Mazzella, D Morelli, ...
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The use of high-resolution elevation histograms for mapping submerged terraces: Tests from the Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea and the Eastern Atlantic Ocean
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New, high resolution swath bathymetry of Gettysburg and Ormonde Seamounts (Gorringe Bank, eastern Atlantic) and first geological results
G De Alteriis, S Passaro, R Tonielli
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First hydroacoustic evidence of marine, active fluid vents in the Naples Bay continental shelf (Southern Italy)
S Passaro, S Genovese, M Sacchi, M Barra, P Rumolo, S Tamburrino, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 285, 29-35, 2014
3D documentation of archeological remains in the underwater park of Baiae
F Bruno, A Lagudi, A Gallo, M Muzzupappa, BD Petriaggi, S Passaro
The International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial …, 2015
Active faulting and continental slope instability in the Gulf of Patti (Tyrrhenian side of NE Sicily, Italy): a field, marine and seismological joint analysis
F Cultrera, G Barreca, P Burrato, L Ferranti, C Monaco, S Passaro, F Pepe, ...
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G Ventura, G Milano, S Passaro, M Sprovieri
Earth-Science Reviews 116, 85-94, 2013
Submarine instability processes on the continental slopes off the Campania region (southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy): the case history of Ischia Island (Naples Bay).
G Aiello, E Marsella, S Passaro
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Volcanism in slab tear faults is larger than in island-arcs and back-arcs
L Cocchi, S Passaro, FC Tontini, G Ventura
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-12, 2017
Magneto-seismic interpretation of subsurface volcanism in the Gaeta Gulf (Italy, Tyrrhenian Sea)
G de Alteriis, M Fedi, S Passaro, A Siniscalchi
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