Stavros Vassos
Stavros Vassos
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On our best behaviour
HJ Levesque
Artificial Intelligence 212, 27-35, 2014
Progression of Situation Calculus Action Theories with Incomplete Information.
S Vassos, HJ Levesque
IJCAI 7, 2024-2029, 2007
Museum experience design: A modern storytelling methodology
F Dal Falco, S Vassos
The Design Journal 20 (sup1), S3975-S3983, 2017
Art-bots: Toward chat-based conversational experiences in museums
S Vassos, E Malliaraki, F dal Falco, J Di Maggio, M Massimetti, ...
International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, 433-437, 2016
First-Order Strong Progression for Local-Effect Basic Action Theories.
S Vassos, G Lakemeyer, HJ Levesque
KR, 662-672, 2008
On the Progression of Situation Calculus Basic Action Theories: Resolving a 10-year-old Conjecture.
S Vassos, HJ Levesque
AAAI 8, 1004-1009, 2008
Challenges for qualitative spatial reasoning in linked geospatial data
M Koubarakis, K Kyzirakos, M Karpathiotakis, C Nikolaou, M Sioutis, ...
IJCAI 2011 Workshop on Benchmarks and Applications of Spatial Reasoning …, 2011
Planning with a task modeling framework in manufacturing robotics
J Huckaby, S Vassos, HI Christensen
2013 ieee/rsj international conference on intelligent robots and systems …, 2013
Ambient intelligence sensing using array sensor: Device-free radio based approach
J Hong, T Ohtsuki
Proceedings of the 2013 ACM conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing …, 2013
TELEIOS: a database-powered virtual earth observatory
M Koubarakis, M Datcu, C Kontoes, U Di Giammatteo, S Manegold, ...
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 5 (12), 2010-2013, 2012
Controlling logistics robots with the action-based language YAGI
A Ferrein, C Maier, C Mühlbacher, T Niemueller, G Steinbauer, S Vassos
International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications, 525-537, 2016
Building virtual earth observatories using ontologies, linked geospatial data and knowledge discovery algorithms
M Koubarakis, M Sioutis, G Garbis, M Karpathiotakis, K Kyzirakos, ...
OTM Confederated International Conferences" On the Move to Meaningful …, 2012
The wumpus world in IndiGolog: A preliminary report
S Sardina, S Vassos
Proceedings of the Workshop on Non-monotonic Reasoning, Action and Change at …, 2005
Progression and verification of situation calculus agents with bounded beliefs
G De Giacomo, Y Lespérance, F Patrizi, S Vassos
Studia Logica 104 (4), 705-739, 2016
LTL Verification of Online Executions with Sensing in Bounded Situation Calculus.
G De Giacomo, Y Lespérance, F Patrizi, S Vassos
ECAI, 369-374, 2014
Planning and execution control architecture for infantry serious gaming
A Menif, C Guettier, T Cazenave
Planning in Games Workshop 31, 2013
Transformation through Provocation?
M Roussou, S Perry, A Katifori, S Vassos, A Tzouganatou, S McKinney
Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems …, 2019
The SimpleFPS planning domain: A PDDL benchmark for proactive NPCs
S Vassos, M Papakonstantinou
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and …, 2011
Accessing government open data through chatbots
S Porreca, F Leotta, M Mecella, S Vassos, T Catarci
International Conference on Web Engineering, 156-165, 2017
How to progress a database III
S Vassos, HJ Levesque
Artificial Intelligence 195, 203-221, 2013
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