Claudiu Biris
Claudiu Biris
Altair Engineering
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Zero phase delay in negative-refractive-index photonic crystal superlattices
S Kocaman, MS Aras, P Hsieh, JF McMillan, CG Biris, NC Panoiu, MB Yu, ...
Nature Photonics 5 (8), 499-505, 2011
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VK Valev, JJ Baumberg, B De Clercq, N Braz, X Zheng, EJ Osley, ...
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CG Biris, NC Panoiu
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VK Valev, X Zheng, CG Biris, AV Silhanek, V Volskiy, B De Clercq, ...
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EJ Osley, CG Biris, PG Thompson, RRF Jahromi, PA Warburton, ...
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Distributing the Optical Near‐Field for Efficient Field‐Enhancements in Nanostructures
VK Valev, B De Clercq, CG Biris, X Zheng, S Vandendriessche, M Hojeij, ...
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Nanoparticles’ promises and risks
M Lungu, A Neculae, M Bunoiu, C Biris
Nanoparticles’ promises and risks: characterization, manipulation, and …, 2015
Numerical analysis of nanoparticle behavior in a microfluidic channel under dielectrophoresis
A Neculae, CG Biris, M Bunoiu, M Lungu
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 14 (10), 1-12, 2012
Excitation of dark plasmonic cavity modes via nonlinearly induced dipoles: applications to near-infrared plasmonic sensing
CG Biris, NC Panoiu
Nanotechnology 22 (23), 235502, 2011
Polarization-induced tunability of localized surface plasmon resonances in arrays of sub-wavelength cruciform apertures
PG Thompson, CG Biris, EJ Osley, O Gaathon, RM Osgood, NC Panoiu, ...
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CG Biris, NC Panoiu
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E.; Warburton, PA; Moshchalkov, VV; Panoiu, NC; Verbiest, T. Nonlinear superchiral meta-surfaces: tuning chirality and disentangling non-reciprocity at the nanoscale
VK Valev, JJ Baumberg, B De Clercq, N Braz, X Zheng, EJ Osley, ...
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CG Biris, NC Panoiu
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CG Biris, A Al-Jarro, NC Panoiu
Amplitude and phase fourier correlation of “twin” GC-spectra of fatty acids from sheep dairy
AC Teusdea, G Gabor, E Hilma
AIP Conference Proceedings 1472 (1), 259-264, 2012
Near-field observations of self-collimation in photonic crystal superlattices
P Hsieh, C Chung, S Kocaman, C Biris, M Lu, NC Panoiu, CW Wong
Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, QF2H. 2, 2012
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