Danny Sims-Waterhouse
Danny Sims-Waterhouse
Engineer, Taraz Metrology
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Παρατίθεται από
Verification of micro-scale photogrammetry for smooth three-dimensional object measurement
D Sims-Waterhouse, S Piano, R Leach
Measurement Science and Technology 28 (5), 055010, 2017
Design and characterisation of an additive manufacturing benchmarking artefact following a design-for-metrology approach
VMR Santos, A Thompson, D Sims-Waterhouse, I Maskery, P Woolliams, ...
Additive Manufacturing 32, 100964, 2020
Experimental comparison of photogrammetry for additive manufactured parts with and without laser speckle projection
D Sims-Waterhouse, P Bointon, S Piano, RK Leach
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Uncertainty model for a traceable stereo-photogrammetry system
D Sims-Waterhouse, M Isa, S Piano, R Leach
Precision Engineering 63, 1-9, 2020
Flexible decoupled camera and projector fringe projection system using inertial sensors
P Stavroulakis, D Sims-Waterhouse, S Piano, R Leach
Optical Engineering 56 (10), 104106, 2017
Fusion of photogrammetry and coherence scanning interferometry data for all-optical coordinate measurement
R Leach, D Sims-Waterhouse, F Medeossi, E Savio, S Carmignato, R Su
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Information-rich manufacturing metrology
R Leach, P Bointon, X Feng, S Lawes, S Piano, N Senin, ...
International Precision Assembly Seminar, 145-157, 2018
Design and engineering of IZO/Ag/glass solar filters for low-emissivity window performance
LC Hernandez-Mainet, MA Aguilar, MC Tamargo, C Falcony
Optical Engineering 56 (10), 105103, 2017
Combined use of a priori data for fast system self-calibration of a non-rigid multi-camera fringe projection system
PI Stavroulakis, S Chen, D Sims-Waterhouse, S Piano, N Southon, ...
Modeling Aspects in Optical Metrology VI 10330, 1033006, 2017
Autonomous close-range photogrammetry using machine learning
J Eastwood, D Sims-Waterhouse, R Weir, S Piano, RK Leach
Proc. ISMTII2019, 2019
Smart photogrammetry for three-dimensional shape measurement
J Eastwood, H Zhang, M Isa, D Sims-Waterhouse, R Leach, S Piano
Optics and Photonics for Advanced Dimensional Metrology 11352, 113520A, 2020
Multi-view fringe projection system for surface topography measurement during metal powder bed fusion
A Dickins, T Widjanarko, D Sims-Waterhouse, A Thompson, S Lawes, ...
JOSA A 37 (9), B93-B105, 2020
Volumetric error modelling of a stereo vision system for error correction in photogrammetric three-dimensional coordinate metrology
MA Isa, D Sims-Waterhouse, S Piano, R Leach
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Kinematic error analysis of stage tracking using stereo vision
MA Isa, D Sims-Waterhouse, S Piano, R Leach
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Automated characterisation of multi-view fringe projection system for three-dimensional measurement of additively manufactured parts
A Shaheen, D Sims-Waterhouse, P Bointon, S Piano, R Leach
ASPE and euspen Summer Topical Meeting on Advancing Precision in Additive …, 2019
External shape measurement for industrial applications using artificial intelligence and optimised data fusion
P Stavroulakis, D Sims-Waterhouse, A Shaheen, S Catalucci, P Bointon, ...
Proceedings of SAI Intelligent Systems Conference, 1273-1281, 2018
Benchmarking of an additive manufacturing process
V Rivas Santos, I Maskery, D Sims-Waterhouse, A Thompson, R Leach, ...
Fusion of light-field and photogrammetric surface form data
D Sims-Waterhouse, S Piano, RK Leach
Applied Optical Metrology II 10373, 1037304, 2017
Metrological design of calibration and benchmarking artefacts for an additive manufacturing system
V Rivas Santos, D Sims-Waterhouse, S Piano, I Maskery, R Leach, ...
Enriching micro-scale metrology with an all-optical dimensional measuring system
R Leach, W Elmadih, S Piano, N Senin, D Sims-Waterhouse, W Syam, ...
Proc. euspen Micro/Nano Manufacturing Workshop. Strathclyde, 2017
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