Wail Mardini
Wail Mardini
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Improvement on LEACH protocol of wireless sensor network (VLEACH
MB Yassein, Y Khamayseh, W Mardini
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Smart homes automation using Z-wave protocol
MB Yassein, W Mardini, A Khalil
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Comprehensive study of symmetric key and asymmetric key encryption algorithms
MB Yassein, S Aljawarneh, E Qawasmeh, W Mardini, Y Khamayseh
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Modified WRR Scheduling Algorithm for WiMAX Networks.
W Mardini, MA Alfool
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Rotated hybrid, energy-efficient and distributed (r-heed) clustering protocol in wsn
W Mardini, MB Yassein, Y Khamayseh, BA Ghaleb
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A new protocol for detecting black hole nodes in ad hoc networks
Y Khamayseh, A Bader, W Mardini, MB Yasein
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Comprehensive Performance Analysis of RPL Objective Functions in IoT Networks.
W Mardini, M Ebrahim, M Al-Rudaini
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Combined software-defined network (SDN) and Internet of Things (IoT)
MB Yassein, S Aljawarneh, M Al-Rousan, W Mardini, W Al-Rashdan
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Integration of wireless technologies in Smart University Campus environment: framework architecture
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Performance evaluation of RPL objective functions for different sending intervals
W Mardini, S Aljawarneh, A Al-Abdi, H Taamneh
2018 6th international symposium on digital forensic and security (ISDFS), 1-6, 2018
Adaptive RSSI-based localization scheme for wireless sensor networks
W Mardini, Y Khamayseh, AA Almodawar, E Elmallah
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 9 (6), 991-1004, 2016
Interference problem between ZigBee and WiFi
W Mardini, Y Khamayseh, R Jaradatand, R Hijjawi
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Enhanced Fibonacci backoff algorithm for mobile Ad-hoc network
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Optimal beacon and superframe orders in WSNs
M Salayma, W Mardini, Y Khamayseh, MB Yasin
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Mining Internet of Things for intelligent objects using genetic algorithm
W Mardini, Y Khamayseh, MB Yassein, MH Khatatbeh
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Distance Based Scheme for Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
W Mardini, MQ Al-Ghadi, IM Ababneh
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Genetic algorithm for friendship selection in social IoT
W Mardini, Y Khamayseh, MH Khatatbeh
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Intelligent Paging Backoff Algorithm for IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol.
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Detection of insiders misuse in database systems
N Shatnawi, Q Althebyan, W Mardini
University of Jordan, 2010
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