Yohan Attal
Yohan Attal
myBrain Technologies co-founder
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Assessment of subcortical source localization using deep brain activity imaging model with minimum norm operators: a MEG study
Y Attal, D Schwartz
PLoS One 8 (3), e59856, 2013
Intensive versus subcutaneous insulin in patients with hyperacute stroke: results from the randomized INSULINFARCT trial
C Rosso, JC Corvol, C Pires, S Crozier, Y Attal, S Jacqueminet, S Deltour, ...
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2007 29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2007
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T Dumas, S Dubal, Y Attal, M Chupin, R Jouvent, S Morel, N George
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Contribution of corticospinal tract and functional connectivity in hand motor impairment after stroke
C Rosso, R Valabregue, Y Attal, P Vargas, M Gaudron, F Baronnet, ...
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Hyperglycemia and the Fate of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient–Defined Ischemic Penumbra
C Rosso, Y Attal, S Deltour, N Hevia-Montiel, S Lehéricy, S Crozier, ...
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Quality assessment of single-channel EEG for wearable devices
F Grosselin, X Navarro-Sune, A Vozzi, K Pandremmenou, ...
Sensors 19 (3), 601, 2019
MEG detects alpha-power modulations in pulvinar
Y Attal, J Yelnik, E Bardinet, M Chupin, S Baillet
17th International Conference on Biomagnetism Advances in Biomagnetism …, 2010
Headset for bio-signals acquisition
Y Attal, T Dumas
US Patent App. 14/563,049, 2016
Identifying the neural signature of thermic comfort sensation: neuroergonomic evaluation of a new ventilating system integrated in car seat
A Breton, V Ronca, AI Mallet-Dacosta, F Longatte, R Servajean-Hilst, ...
Human Neuroscience Archive, Abstract, doi 10, 2018
Validation of melomind™ signal quality: a proof of concept resting-state and ERPs study
G Spinelli, A Odouard, MC Nierat, S Campion, M Bensoussan, ...
BioRxiv, 2020
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