Edwin Vollebregt
Edwin Vollebregt
Researcher, Vtech CMCC
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User guide for CONTACT, Vollebregt & Kalker’s rolling and sliding contact model
EAH Vollebregt
Techical report TR09-03, version 13, 2013
Inverse 3D shallow water flow modelling of the continental shelf
AW Heemink, EEA Mouthaan, MRT Roest, EAH Vollebregt, ...
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Assessing the accuracy of different simplified frictional rolling contact algorithms
EAH Vollebregt, SD Iwnicki, G Xie, P Shackleton
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Numerical modeling of measured railway creep versus creep-force curves with CONTACT
EAH Vollebregt
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FASTSIM2: a second-order accurate frictional rolling contact algorithm
EAH Vollebregt, P Wilders
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Solving conformal wheel–rail rolling contact problems
E Vollebregt, G Segal
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A Gauss-Seidel type solver for special convex programs, with application to frictional contact mechanics
EAH Vollebregt
Journal of optimization theory and applications 87 (1), 47-67, 1995
Simulation of rough, elastic contacts
JJ Kalker, FM Dekking, EAH Vollebregt
Parallel Software Development Techniques for Shallow Water Simulation
EAH Vollebregt
Modelling of wetting and drying of shallow water using artificial porosity
B Van't Hof, EAH Vollebregt
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 48 (11), 1199-1217, 2005
Quasi-static analysis of two-dimensional rolling contact with slip-velocity dependent friction
EAH Vollebregt, HM Schuttelaars
Journal of Sound and Vibration 331 (9), 2141-2155, 2012
A new solver for the elastic normal contact problem using conjugate gradients, deflation, and an FFT-based preconditioner
EAH Vollebregt
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Use of “CONTACT” in multi-body vehicle dynamics and profile wear simulation: Initial results
EAH Vollebregt, C Weidemann, A Kienberger
Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on …, 2011
A non-Hertzian method for solving wheel–rail normal contact problem taking into account the effect of yaw
B Liu, S Bruni, E Vollebregt
Vehicle System Dynamics 54 (9), 1226-1246, 2016
Refinement of Kalker’s rolling contact model
EAH Vollebregt
In: Proceedings of the 8th international conference on contact mechanics and …, 2009
Large scale computing at Rijkswaterstaat
EAH Vollebregt, MRT Roest, JWM Lander
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Parallel software development techniques for shallow water models.
EAH Vollebregt
The bound-constrained conjugate gradient method for non-negative matrices
EAH Vollebregt
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 162 (3), 931-953, 2014
Survey of programs on contact mechanics developed by JJ Kalker
EAH Vollebregt
Vehicle System Dynamics 46 (1-2), 85-92, 2008
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