Evangelos Mintsis
Evangelos Mintsis
Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - Hellenic Institute of Transport
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Dynamic Eco-Driving near Signalized Intersections: Systematic Review and Future Research Directions
E Mintsis, EI Vlahogianni, E Mitsakis
Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems 146 (4), 2020
Assessment of ACC and CACC systems using SUMO
KN Porfyri, E Mintsis, E Mitsakis
EPiC Series in Engineering 2, 82-93, 2018
From Automated to Manual-Modeling Control Transitions with SUMO
L Lücken, E Mintsis, K Porfyri, R Alms, YP Flötteröd, D Koutras
EPiC Series in Computing 62, 124-144, 2019
Management of Transitions of Control in Mixed Traffic with Automated Vehicles
A Correa, S Maerivoet, E Mintsis, A Wijbenga, M Sepulcre, M Rondinone, ...
16th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems …, 2018
Evaluation of a Cooperative Speed Advice Service Implemented along an Urban Arterial Corridor
E Mintsis, EI Vlahogianni, E Mitsakis, S Ozkul
5th IEEE International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent …, 2017
The Use of a Transport Simulation Model (AIMSUN) to Determine the Environmental Effects of Pedestrianization and Traffic Management in the Center of Thessaloniki
E Mintsis, M Belibassakis, G Mintsis, S Basbas, M Pitsiava-Latinopoulou
European Journal of Environmental Sciences 6 (1), 2016
Managed Lane Operations–Adjusted Time of Day Pricing vs. Near-Real Time Dynamic Pricing, Volume II: Ramp Signaling and Variable Speed Limits (VSL)
L Elefteriadou, C Letter, E Mintsis
Motorway Merging Assistant for Automated Vehicles
R Blokpoel, X Zhang, D Koutras, E Mintsis
13th ITS European Congress, 2019
Traffic and Environmental Impacts of Traffic Incidents on Thessaloniki’s Inner Ring Road
E Karioti, S Basbas, E Mintsis, G Mintsis, C Taxiltaris
Transportation Research Procedia 24, 288-295, 2017
Comparison of Macroscopic and Microscopic Emission Estimation Approaches in the Evaluation of ITS
S Mamarikas, E Mintsis, E Mitsakis, JM Salanova
5th International Congress on Transportation Research (ICTR 2015), 1-14, 2015
Enhanced speed advice for connected vehicles in the proximity of signalized intersections
E Mintsis, EI Vlahogianni, E Mitsakis, S Ozkul
European Transport Research Review 13 (1), 1-14, 2021
Enhanced Traffic Management Procedures in Transition Areas
S Maerivoet, A Wijbenga, J Vreeswijk, E Mintsis, D Koutras, X Zhang, ...
13th ITS European Congress, 2019
ICT Infrastructure for Cooperative, Connected and Automated Transport in Transition Areas
M Lu, R Blokpoel, J Schindler, S Maerivoet, E Mintsis
Transport Research Arena, 1-10, 2018
Simulating Traffic and Environmental Effects of Pedestrianization and Traffic Management. A Comparison between Static and Dynamic Traffic Assignment
L Giannakos, E Mintsis, S Basbas, G Mintsis, C Taxiltaris
Transportation Research Procedia 24, 313-320, 2017
Frameworks and Methods for ITS Evaluation
E Mitsakis, JMS Grau, P Iordanopoulos, E Mintsis
Evaluation of Intelligent Road Transport Systems: Methods and Results 7, 47, 2016
Intelligent Transport Systems Deployment in Thessaloniki: Assessment of Costs and Benefits
E Mitsakis, P Iordanopoulos, E Mintsis, S Mamarikas, G Aifadopoulou
Spatium, 26-32, 2015
Joint Deployment of Infrastructure-Assisted Traffic Management and Cooperative Driving around Work Zones
E Mintsis, L Lücken, V Karagounis, K Porfyri, M Rondinone, A Correa, ...
2020 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Intelligent Transportation …, 2020
Assessment of Automated Driving to Design Infrastructure-Assisted Driving at Transition Areas
A Wijbenga, J Vreeswijk, J Schindler, E Mintsis, M Rondinone, MS Ribes, ...
25th ITS World Congress, 2018
Centralized Infrastructure-Assisted Management for Mixed Traffic at Transition Areas
A Wijbenga, J Vreeswijk, J Schindler, E Mintsis, M Rondinone, A Correa, ...
2nd Symposium on Management of Future motorway and urban Traffic Systems …, 2018
Enhanced Traffic Management Procedures of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Transition Areas
S Maerivoet, K Carlier, B Ons, A Wijbenga, S Boerma, J Vreeswijk, ...
Virtual ITS European Congress, 2020
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