Bernhard Grasemann
Bernhard Grasemann
Professor of Geology
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Time-dependent effects of heat advection and topography on cooling histories during erosion
NS Mancktelow, B Grasemann
Tectonophysics 270 (3-4), 167-195, 1997
Miocene to Holocene exhumation of metamorphic crustal wedges in the NW Himalaya: Evidence for tectonic extrusion coupled to fluvial erosion
JC Vannay, B Grasemann, M Rahn, W Frank, A Carter, V Baudraz, ...
Tectonics 23 (1), 2004
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JC Vannay, B Grasemann
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B Grasemann, NS Mancktelow
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Exhumation and uplift of the Shillong plateau and its influence on the eastern Himalayas: New constraints from apatite and zircon (U‐Th‐[Sm])/He and apatite fission track analyses
S Biswas, I Coutand, D Grujic, C Hager, D Stöckli, B Grasemann
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G Wiesmayr, B Grasemann
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L Jolivet, A Menant, P Sternai, A Rabillard, L Arbaret, R Augier, V Laurent, ...
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Reverse and normal drag along a fault
B Grasemann, S Martel, C Passchier
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JC Vannay, B Grasemann
Schweizerische Mineralogische und Petrographische Mitteilungen 78, 107-132, 1998
Deformation temperatures and flow vorticities near the base of the Greater Himalayan Series, Sutlej Valley and Shimla Klippe, NW India
RD Law, DW Stahr Iii, MK Francsis, KT Ashley, B Grasemann, T Ahmad
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Sense and non-sense of shear in flanking structures
B Grasemann, K Stüwe, JC Vannay
Journal of Structural Geology 25 (1), 19-34, 2003
The development of flanking folds during simple shear and their use as kinematic indicators
B Grasemann, K Stüwe
Journal of Structural Geology 23 (4), 715-724, 2001
Geological map of the Kishtwar-Chamba-Kulu region (NW Himalayas, India)
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Jahrbuch der Geologischen Bundesanstalt 138 (2), 299-308, 1995
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K Sarkarinejad, A Faghih, B Grasemann
Journal of Structural Geology 30 (7), 818-826, 2008
Lateral fold growth and linkage in the Zagros fold and thrust belt (Kurdistan, NE Iraq)
B Bretis, N Bartl, B Grasemann
Basin Research 23 (6), 615-630, 2011
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