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Riccardo Tomasi
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The virtus middleware: An xmpp based architecture for secure iot communications
D Conzon, T Bolognesi, P Brizzi, A Lotito, R Tomasi, MA Spirito
2012 21st International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks …, 2012
Wireless sensor networks for intelligent transportation systems
M Franceschinis, L Gioanola, M Messere, R Tomasi, MA Spirito, P Civera
VTC Spring 2009-IEEE 69th Vehicular Technology Conference, 1-5, 2009
Event-driven user-centric middleware for energy-efficient buildings and public spaces
E Patti, A Acquaviva, M Jahn, F Pramudianto, R Tomasi, D Rabourdin, ...
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Z Xiong, Z Song, A Scalera, E Ferrera, F Sottile, P Brizzi, R Tomasi, ...
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Bringing the Internet of Things along the manufacturing line: A case study in controlling industrial robot and monitoring energy consumption remotely
P Brizzi, D Conzon, H Khaleel, R Tomasi, C Pastrone, AM Spirito, ...
2013 IEEE 18th Conference on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation …, 2013
Energy saving in existing buildings by an intelligent use of interoperable ICTs
A Osello, A Acquaviva, C Aghemo, L Blaso, D Dalmasso, D Erba, ...
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High-level internet of things applications development using wireless sensor networks
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Frequency agile wireless sensor networks: design and implementation
H Khaleel, F Penna, C Pastrone, R Tomasi, MA Spirito
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Frequency agility in IPv6-based wireless personal area networks (6LoWPAN)
R Tomasi, H Khaleel, F Penna, C Pastrone, R Garello, M Spirito
International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications, 146-157, 2010
Distributed spectrum sensing and channel selection in opportunistic wireless personal area networks
H Khaleel, F Penna, C Pastrone, R Tomasi, M Spirito
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Using wsn technology for industrial monitoring: A real case
M Franceschinis, MA Spirito, R Tomasi, G Ossini, M Pidala
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Enhancing WSN-based indoor positioning and tracking through RFID technology
Z Xiong, ZY Song, A Scalera, F Sottile, R Tomasi, MA Spirito
2012 Fourth International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology, 107-114, 2012
Hy-Sim: Model based hybrid simulation framework for WSN application development
ZY Song, M Mostafizur, R Mozumdar, M Tranchero, L Lavagno, R Tomasi, ...
Proceedings of the 3rd International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and …, 2010
On spectrum sensing duration in cognitive wireless sensor networks
F Penna, H Khaleel, C Pastrone, R Tomasi, M Spirito
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A Jabber-based management framework for heterogeneous sensor network applications
C Pastrone, MA Spirito, R Tomasi, F Rizzo
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Enhancing traceability and industrial process automation through the VIRTUS middleware
P Brizzi, A Lotito, E Ferrera, D Conzon, R Tomasi, M Spirito
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Leveraging social system networks in ubiquitous high-data-rate health systems
T Massey, G Marfia, A Stoelting, R Tomasi, MA Spirito, M Sarrafzadeh, ...
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The ebbits platform: leveraging on the Internet of Things to support meat traceability
P Brizzi, D Conzon, F Pramudianto, M Paralic, M Jacobsen, C Pastrone, ...
Proc. EFITA WCCA-CIGR Conference on Sustainable Agriculture through ICT …, 2013
Meta-exploitation of IPv6-based WSNs
R Tomasi, L Bruno, C Pastrone, M Spirito
2011 Third International Workshop on Security and Communication Networks …, 2011
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