Lluís-F. Hurtado
Lluís-F. Hurtado
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Παρατίθεται από
A statistical approach to spoken dialog systems design and evaluation
D Griol, LF Hurtado, E Segarra, E Sanchis
Speech Communication 50 (8-9), 666-682, 2008
Political tendency identification in twitter using sentiment analysis techniques
F Pla, LF Hurtado
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Extracting semantic information through automatic learning techniques
E Segarra, E Sanchis, M Galiano, F García, L Hurtado
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Error handling in a stochastic dialog system through confidence measures
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ELiRF-UPV en TASS-2013: Análisis de sentimientos en Twitter
F Pla, LF Hurtado
XXIX Congreso de la Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje …, 2013
A stochastic finite-state transducer approach to spoken dialog management
LF Hurtado, J Planells, E Segarra, E Sanchis, D Griol
Eleventh annual conference of the international speech communication association, 2010
A stochastic approach to dialog management
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ELiRF-UPV at SemEval-2017 task 4: Sentiment analysis using deep learning
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ELiRF-UPV en TASS 2015: Análisis de Sentimientos en Twitter.
LF Hurtado, F Pla, D Buscaldi
TASS@ SEPLN, 75-79, 2015
A stochastic approach for dialog management based on neural networks.
LF Hurtado, D Griol, E Segarra, E Emilio, S Sanchis
Query-by-example spoken term detection ALBAYZIN 2012 evaluation: overview, systems, results, and discussion
J Tejedor, DT Toledano, X Anguera, A Varona, LF Hurtado, A Miguel, ...
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Acquiring and evaluating a dialog corpus through a dialog simulation technique
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An online generated transducer to increase dialog manager coverage
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Construction of language models using the morphic generator grammatical inference (MGGI) methodology.
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Sentiment analysis in Twitter for Spanish
F Pla, LF Hurtado
International conference on applications of natural language to data bases …, 2014
A multi-domain dialog system to integrate heterogeneous spoken dialog systems.
J Planells, LF Hurtado, E Segarra, E Sanchis
INTERSPEECH, 1891-1895, 2013
Combining multiple translation systems for spoken language understanding portability
F García, LF Hurtado, E Segarra, E Sanchis, G Riccardi
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On the voice-activated question answering
P Rosso, LF Hurtado, E Segarra, E Sanchis
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C (Applications and …, 2010
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