wenqiang lei
wenqiang lei
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Sequicity: Simplifying task-oriented dialogue systems with single sequence-to-sequence architectures
W Lei, X Jin, MY Kan, Z Ren, X He, D Yin
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Estimation-action-reflection: Towards deep interaction between conversational and recommender systems
W Lei, X He, Y Miao, Q Wu, R Hong, MY Kan, TS Chua
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Recent advances in neural question generation
L Pan, W Lei, TS Chua, MY Kan
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SWIM: A Simple Word Interaction Model for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition.
W Lei, X Wang, M Liu, I Ilievski, X He, MY Kan
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Interactive path reasoning on graph for conversational recommendation
W Lei, G Zhang, X He, Y Miao, X Wang, L Chen, TS Chua
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Linguistic properties matter for implicit discourse relation recognition: Combining semantic interaction, topic continuity and attribution
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Explicit state tracking with semi-supervisionfor neural dialogue generation
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Advances and challenges in conversational recommender systems: A survey
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Retrieving and reading: A comprehensive survey on open-domain question answering
F Zhu, W Lei, C Wang, J Zheng, S Poria, TS Chua
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Seamlessly unifying attributes and items: Conversational recommendation for cold-start users
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Pirhdy: Learning pitch-, rhythm-, and dynamics-aware embeddings for symbolic music
H Liang, W Lei, PY Chan, Z Yang, M Sun, TS Chua
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Conversational recommendation: Formulation, methods, and evaluation
W Lei, X He, M de Rijke, TS Chua
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Constructing learning maps for lecture videos by exploring wikipedia knowledge
F Wang, X Li, W Lei, C Huang, M Yin, TC Pong
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Have we solved the hard problem? it’s not easy! contextual lexical contrast as a means to probe neural coherence
W Lei, Y Miao, R Xie, B Webber, M Liu, TS Chua, NF Chen
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Re-examining the Role of Schema Linking in Text-to-SQL
W Lei, W Wang, Z Ma, T Gan, W Lu, MY Kan, TS Chua
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GMH: A General Multi-hop Reasoning Model for KG Completion
Y Zhang, X Zhang, J Wang, H Liang, A Jatowt, W Lei, Z Yang
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Revisit automatic error detection for wrong and missing translation–a supervised approach
W Lei, W Xu, A Aw, Y Xiang, TS Chua
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Generalized relation learning with semantic correlation awareness for link prediction
Y Zhang, X Zhang, J Wang, H Liang, W Lei, Z Sun, A Jatowt, Z Yang
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TAT-QA: A Question Answering Benchmark on a Hybrid of Tabular and Textual Content in Finance
F Zhu, W Lei, Y Huang, C Wang, S Zhang, J Lv, F Feng, TS Chua
arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.07624, 2021
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