Efthimia Kaprara
Efthimia Kaprara
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Inorganic engineered nanoparticles in drinking water treatment: a critical review
K Simeonidis, S Mourdikoudis, E Kaprara, M Mitrakas, L Polavarapu
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 2 (1), 43-70, 2016
Occurrence of Cr (VI) in drinking water of Greece and relation to the geological background
E Kaprara, N Kazakis, K Simeonidis, S Coles, AI Zouboulis, P Samaras, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 281, 2-11, 2015
Geogenic Cr oxidation on the surface of mafic minerals and the hydrogeological conditions influencing hexavalent chromium concentrations in groundwater
N Kazakis, N Kantiranis, KS Voudouris, M Mitrakas, E Kaprara, A Pavlou
Science of the Total Environment 514, 224-238, 2015
Origin of hexavalent chromium in groundwater: the example of Sarigkiol Basin, Northern Greece
N Kazakis, N Kantiranis, K Kalaitzidou, E Kaprara, M Mitrakas, R Frei, ...
Science of the Total Environment 593, 552-566, 2017
Environmentally available hexavalent chromium in soils and sediments impacted by dispersed fly ash in Sarigkiol basin (Northern Greece)
N Kazakis, N Kantiranis, K Kalaitzidou, E Kaprara, M Mitrakas, R Frei, ...
Environmental Pollution 235, 632-641, 2018
On the passivation mechanism of Fe3O4 nanoparticles during Cr (VI) removal from water: A XAFS study
F Pinakidou, M Katsikini, K Simeonidis, E Kaprara, EC Paloura, ...
Applied Surface Science 360, 1080-1086, 2016
The use of Sn (II) oxy-hydroxides for the effective removal of Cr (VI) from water: Optimization of synthesis parameters
E Kaprara, N Tziarou, K Kalaitzidou, K Simeonidis, L Balcells, ...
Science of the Total Environment 605, 190-198, 2017
Sn (II) oxy-hydroxides as potential adsorbents for Cr (VI)-uptake from drinking water: an X-ray absorption study
F Pinakidou, E Kaprara, M Katsikini, EC Paloura, K Simeonidis, ...
Science of the Total Environment 551, 246-253, 2016
Implementing nanoparticles for competitive drinking water purification
K Simeonidis, C Martinez-Boubeta, P Zamora-Pérez, P Rivera-Gil, ...
Environmental Chemistry Letters 17 (2), 705-719, 2019
Copper foams in water treatment technology: Removal of hexavalent chromium
F Stergioudi, E Kaprara, K Simeonidis, D Sagris, M Mitrakas, G Vourlias, ...
Materials & Design 87, 287-294, 2015
Sol–gel encapsulation of binary Zn (II) compounds in silica nanoparticles. Structure–activity correlations in hybrid materials targeting Zn (II) antibacterial use
E Halevas, CM Nday, E Kaprara, V Psycharis, CP Raptopoulou, ...
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 151, 150-163, 2015
Rapid small-scale column tests for Cr (VI) removal by granular magnetite
E Kaprara, K Simeonidis, A Zouboulis, M Mitrakas
Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 16 (2), 525-532, 2016
Potential application of inorganic sulfur reductants for Cr (VI) removal at sub-ppb level
EA Kaprara, AI Zouboulis, KT Simeonidis, MG Mitrakas
Desalination and Water Treatment 54 (8), 2067-2074, 2015
Evaluation of current treatment technologies for Cr (VI) removal from water sources at sub-ppb levels
E Kaprara, K Simeonidis, AI Zouboulis, M Mitrakas
Proc. Conf. CEST, 129, 2013
Uptake of Sb (V) by Nano Fe3O4-Decorated Iron Oxy-Hydroxides
K Simeonidis, K Kalaitzidou, E Kaprara, G Mitraka, T Asimakidou, ...
Water 11 (1), 181, 2019
Nanoparticles for heavy metal removal from drinking water
K Simeonidis, C Martinez-Boubeta, P Zamora-Perez, P Rivera-Gil, ...
Environmental Nanotechnology, 75-124, 2018
Continuous flow process of Cr (VI) removal from drinking water through reduction onto FeOOH by inorganic sulfur reductants
E Kaprara, F Pinakidou, EC Paloura, AI Zouboulis, M Mitrakas
Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 18 (2), 737-744, 2018
Hexavalent chromium [Cr (VI)] in drinking water of Greece—Estimation of the origin
M Mitrakas, N Tzoupanos, N Kazakis, E Kaprara, K Simeonidis, ...
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Industrial and Hazardous …, 2012
Calcite Mineral Catalyst Capable of Enhancing Micropollutant Degradation during the Ozonation Process at pH7
S Psaltou, E Kaprara, M Mitrakas, A Zouboulis
Environmental Sciences Proceedings 2 (1), 26, 2020
Enhancement of ozonation efficiency employing dead-end hollow fiber membranes
E Kaprara, M Kostoglou, C Koutsiantzi, S Psaltou, A Zouboulis, ...
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 2020
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