Dimitrios Voukantsis, PhD
Dimitrios Voukantsis, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher, CRUK/MRC Institute, University of Oxford
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Intercomparison of air quality data using principal component analysis, and forecasting of PM10 and PM2. 5 concentrations using artificial neural networks, in Thessaloniki and …
D Voukantsis, K Karatzas, J Kukkonen, T Räsänen, A Karppinen, ...
Science of the Total Environment 409 (7), 1266-1276, 2011
Data-based method for creating electricity use load profiles using large amount of customer-specific hourly measured electricity use data
T Räsänen, D Voukantsis, H Niska, K Karatzas, M Kolehmainen
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D Voukantsis, H Niska, K Karatzas, M Riga, A Damialis, D Vokou
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Personalized pollen‐related symptom‐forecast information services for allergic rhinitis patients in Europe
U Berger, K Karatzas, S Jaeger, D Voukantsis, M Sofiev, O Brandt, ...
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Predicting daily ragweed pollen concentrations using Computational Intelligence techniques over two heavily polluted areas in Europe
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K Karatzas, D Voukantsis, S Jaeger, U Berger, M Smith, O Brandt, ...
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Modeling genotypes in their microenvironment to predict single- and multi-cellular behavior
D Voukantsis, K Kahn, M Hadley, R Wilson, FM Buffa
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Studying and predicting quality of life atmospheric parameters with the aid of computational intelligence methods
K Karatzas, D Voukantsis
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D Voukantsis, KD Karatzas, A Damialis, D Vokou
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Computational intelligence methods for rolling bearing fault detection
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Predicting daily ragweed pollen concentrations using neural networks and tree algorithms over Lyon (France) and Szeged (Hungary)
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Allergy medication dose and biological weather: a data-oriented investigation
K Karatzas, M Riga, D Voukantsis, Å Dahl
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Switching On Static Gene Regulatory Networks to Compute Cellular Decisions
CE Pavillet, D Voukantsis, FM Buffa
bioRxiv, 2020
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