David Laprune
David Laprune
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Transition-metal nanoparticles in hollow zeolite single crystals as bifunctional and size-selective hydrogenation catalysts
S Li, A Tuel, D Laprune, F Meunier, D Farrusseng
Chemistry of Materials 27 (1), 276-282, 2015
Effect of polyaromatic tars on the activity for methane steam reforming of nickel particles embedded in silicalite-1
D Laprune, C Theodoridi, A Tuel, D Farrusseng, FC Meunier
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 204, 515-524, 2017
Highly Dispersed Nickel Particles Encapsulated in Multi‐hollow Silicalite‐1 Single Crystal Nanoboxes: Effects of Siliceous Deposits and Phosphorous Species on the Catalytic …
D Laprune, A Tuel, D Farrusseng, FC Meunier
ChemCatChem 9 (12), 2297-2307, 2017
Effects of H2S and phenanthrene on the activity of Ni and Rh-based catalysts for the reforming of a simulated biomass-derived producer gas
D Laprune, D Farrusseng, Y Schuurman, FC Meunier, JAZ Pieterse, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 221, 206-214, 2018
Selective removal of external Ni nanoparticles on Ni@ silicalite-1 single crystal nanoboxes: Application to size-selective arene hydrogenation
D Laprune, A Tuel, D Farrusseng, FC Meunier
Applied Catalysis A: General 535, 69-76, 2017
Application of encapsulated nickel nanoparticle catalysts to the reforming of a model producer gas derived from biomass gasification
D Laprune
Université de Lyon, 2017
Application de catalyseurs encapsulés à base de nickel au réformage d’un gaz modèle issu de la gazéification de la biomasse
D Laprune
Lyon, 2017
Influence of crystal size and mesopores connectivity on adsorption/diffusion properties of silicalite-1 crystals
C Pagis, D Laprune, A Tuel, F Meunier, D Farrusseng, N Bats
33ème réunion annuelle du Groupe Francais des Zéolithes, 2017
Steam reforming of the producer gas obtained from the gasification of beech wood: scale up from laboratory benches to full-size demonstrator
JAZ Pieterse, G Aranda Almansa, M Klotz, K Hakouk, SA Theofanidis, ...
13th European Congress on Catalysis (EUROPACAT 2017), 2017
Hydrocarbon steam reforming on highly stable nickel nanoparticules encapsulated inside hollow silicalite-1 crystal
D Laprune, F Meunier, A Tuel, D Farrusseng
French Conference on Catalysis (FCCat), 2016
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