Nikolas Fokialakis
Nikolas Fokialakis
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Modulation of soy isoflavones bioavailability and subsequent effects on bone health in ovariectomized rats: the case for equol
J Mathey, J Mardon, N Fokialakis, C Puel, S Kati-Coulibaly, S Mitakou, ...
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Antifungal activity of thiophenes from Echinops ritro
N Fokialakis, CL Cantrell, SO Duke, AL Skaltsounis, DE Wedge
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 54 (5), 1651-1655, 2006
Megistoquinones I and II, two quinoline alkaloids with antibacterial activity from the bark of Sarcomelicope megistophylla
N Fokialakis, P Magiatis, I Chinou, S Mitaku, F Tillequin
Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin 50 (3), 413-414, 2002
Evaluation of estrogenic/antiestrogenic activity of ellagic acid via the estrogen receptor subtypes ERα and ERβ
Z Papoutsi, E Kassi, A Tsiapara, N Fokialakis, GP Chrousos, ...
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53 (20), 7715-7720, 2005
Greek plant extracts exhibit selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)-like properties
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Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 52 (23), 6956-6961, 2004
A new class of phytoestrogens: evaluation of the estrogenic activity of deoxybenzoins
N Fokialakis, G Lambrinidis, DJ Mitsiou, N Aligiannis, S Mitakou, ...
Chemistry & biology 11 (3), 397-406, 2004
Essential oil composition of Achillea lingulata and A. umbellata
T Kundakovic, N Fokialakis, N Kovacevic, I Chinou
Flavour and fragrance journal 22 (3), 184-187, 2007
Hyperjovinols A and B:  Two New Phloroglucinol Derivatives from Hypericum jovis with Antioxidant Activity in Cell Cultures
K Athanasas, P Magiatis, N Fokialakis, AL Skaltsounis, H Pratsinis, ...
Journal of natural products 67 (6), 973-977, 2004
Photo-activated DNA binding and antimicrobial activities of furoquinoline and pyranoquinolone alkaloids from rutaceae
F Hanawa, N Fokialakis, AL Skaltsounis
Planta medica 70 (06), 531-535, 2004
Antifeedant and toxicity effects of thiophenes from four Echinops species against the Formosan subterranean termite, Coptotermes formosanus
N Fokialakis, WLA Osbrink, LK Mamonov, NG Gemejieva, AB Mims, ...
Pest Management Science: formerly Pesticide Science 62 (9), 832-838, 2006
Natural resins and bioactive natural products thereof as potential anitimicrobial agents
A Termentzi, N Fokialakis, A Leandros Skaltsounis
Current pharmaceutical design 17 (13), 1267-1290, 2011
Evaluation of the antimalarial and antileishmanial activity of plants from the Greek island of Crete
N Fokialakis, E Kalpoutzakis, BL Tekwani, SI Khan, M Kobaisy, ...
Journal of natural medicines 61 (1), 38-45, 2007
Submerged fermentation of the edible mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus in a batch stirred tank bioreactor as a promising alternative for the effective production of bioactive …
LM Papaspyridi, N Aligiannis, E Topakas, P Christakopoulos, ...
Molecules 17 (3), 2714-2724, 2012
Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic activities of naphthazarine derivatives from Onosma leptantha
T Kundakovic, N Fokialakis, S Dobric, H Pratsinis, D Kletsas, N Kovacevic, ...
Phytomedicine 13 (4), 290-294, 2006
The bite of the honeybee: 2-heptanone secreted from honeybee mandibles during a bite acts as a local anaesthetic in insects and mammals
A Papachristoforou, A Kagiava, C Papaefthimiou, A Termentzi, ...
PLoS One 7 (10), e47432, 2012
Koniamborine, the First Pyrano[3,2-b]indole Alkaloid and Other Secondary Metabolites from Boronella koniambiensis
R Grougnet, P Magiatis, N Fokialakis, S Mitaku, AL Skaltsounis, ...
Journal of Natural products 68 (7), 1083-1086, 2005
Essential oil constituents of Valeriana italica and Valeriana tuberosa. Stereochemical and conformational study of 15-acetoxyvaleranone
N Fokialakis, M Prokopios, S Mitaku
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 57 (9-10), 791-796, 2002
Antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of the wild edible mushroom Gomphus clavatus
M Makropoulou, N Aligiannis, Z Gonou-Zagou, H Pratsinis, ...
Journal of medicinal food 15 (2), 216-221, 2012
Antileishmanial activity of natural diterpenes from Cistus sp. and semisynthetic derivatives thereof
N Fokialakis, E Kalpoutzakis, BL Tekwani, AL Skaltsounis, SO Duke
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 29 (8), 1775-1778, 2006
The raputindoles: Novel cyclopentyl bisindole alkaloids from Raputia simulans
K Vougogiannopoulou, N Fokialakis, N Aligiannis, C Cantrell, ...
Organic letters 12 (9), 1908-1911, 2010
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