Helena van der Vegt
Helena van der Vegt
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BOLD responses to stimuli: dependence on frequency, stimulus form, amplitude, and repetition rate
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A computational study of knitted Nitinol meshes for their prospective use as external vein reinforcement
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Desalination Technologies and the Use of Alternative Energies for Desalination
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Grain size fractionation by process‐driven sorting in sandy to muddy deltas
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Emerging patent thickets and standards in the medical devices and telehealth space
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Development of a numerical tool for the optimisation of vascular prosthesis towards physiological compliance
H Van der Merwe
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Patent Landscape Report on Membrane Filtration and UV Water Treatment
H van der Vegt, I Iliev
http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/freepublications/en/patents/947 …, 2012
A numerical model of a 3-dimensional low-density turbidity current in the deep ocean: testing hypotheses on turbidity currents in deep detail.
M Azpiroz-Zabala, J Storms, H van der Vegt, DJ Walstra, ...
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Combining Multiple Point Geostatistics and Process-based Models for Improved Reservoir Modelling
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Process-based modelling of sediment distribution in fluvial crevasse splays validated by outcrop data
AB Sandén, ME Donselaar, JEA Storms, KA Van Toorenenburg, ...
Second Conference on Forward Modelling of Sedimentary Systems, cp-483-00005, 2016
Towards an open-source web-based Delft3D GeoTool
JEA Storms, D Walstra, L Li, H van der Vegt, W de Boer, H van Putten, ...
Second Conference on Forward Modelling of Sedimentary Systems, cp-483-00019, 2016
Establishing 3D Numerical Reservoir Analogues-Modelling the Formation of Sand Bodies in Deltaic Environments
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Desalination: new frontier for renewable energy?
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Utilizing sedimentary process-based models as training images for multipoint facies simulations
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Sediment deposition and preservation in mouth bar complexes of prograding deltas
H van der Vegt, JEA Storms, DJR Walstra, L Li, K Nordahl, AW Martinius, ...
International Meeting of Sedimentology 2017, 2018
From fluvial supply to delta deposits: Simulating sediment delivery, transport and deposition
H van der Vegt
Extracting 3D Grain Size Trends across Synthetic Analogues of Prograding Deltas created in Delft3D GeoTool
H van der Vegt, J Storms, DJ Walstra, L Li, NC Howes, K Nordahl, ...
79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017, 2017
Differences in mouthbar complex geometry and grain size trends across systems with different sediment supply compositions
H van der Vegt, J Storms, DJ Walstra, L Li, K Nordahl, A Martinius, ...
EGUGA, 14834, 2017
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