AJIT Panesar
AJIT Panesar
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Strategies for functionally graded lattice structures derived using topology optimisation for additive manufacturing
A Panesar, M Abdi, D Hickman, I Ashcroft
Additive Manufacturing 19, 81-94, 2018
Insights into the mechanical properties of several triply periodic minimal surface lattice structures made by polymer additive manufacturing
I Maskery, L Sturm, AO Aremu, A Panesar, CB Williams, CJ Tuck, ...
Polymer 152, 62-71, 2018
A voxel-based method of constructing and skinning conformal and functionally graded lattice structures suitable for additive manufacturing
AO Aremu, JPJ Brennan-Craddock, A Panesar, IA Ashcroft, RJM Hague, ...
Additive Manufacturing 13, 1-13, 2017
An investigation into reinforced and functionally graded lattice structures
I Maskery, A Hussey, A Panesar, A Aremu, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, R Hague
Journal of Cellular Plastics 53 (2), 151-165, 2017
Optimisation of blended bistable laminates for a morphing flap
AS Panesar, PM Weaver
Composite Structures 94 (10), 3092-3105, 2012
Review on design and structural optimisation in additive manufacturing: Towards next-generation lightweight structures
J Plocher, A Panesar
Materials & Design 183, 108164, 2019
Design framework for multifunctional additive manufacturing: coupled optimization strategy for structures with embedded functional systems
A Panesar, I Ashcroft, D Brackett, R Wildman, R Hague
Additive Manufacturing 16, 98-106, 2017
Design framework for multifunctional additive manufacturing: Placement and routing of three-dimensional printed circuit volumes
A Panesar, D Brackett, I Ashcroft, R Wildman, R Hague
Journal of Mechanical Design 137 (11), 2015
Investigation of thermally induced bistable behaviour for tow-steered laminates
AS Panesar, K Hazra, PM Weaver
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 43 (6), 926-934, 2012
3D printing to enable multifunctionality in polymer-based composites: A review
DG Bekas, Y Hou, Y Liu, A Panesar
Composites Part B: Engineering 179, 107540, 2019
Hierarchical remeshing strategies with mesh mapping for topology optimisation
A Panesar, D Brackett, I Ashcroft, R Wildman, R Hague
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 111 (7), 676-700, 2017
Design optimization strategy for multifunctional 3d printing
A Panesar, D Brackett, I Ashcroft, R Wildman, R Hague
25th Interational Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, 592-605, 2014
An optimization based design framework for multi-functional 3D printing
D Brackett, A Panesar, I Ashcroft, R Wildman, R Hague
24th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium–An Additive …, 2013
Effect of density and unit cell size grading on the stiffness and energy absorption of short fibre-reinforced functionally graded lattice structures
J Plocher, A Panesar
Additive Manufacturing, 101171, 2020
Design optimization for multifunctional 3D printed structures with embedded functional systems
A Panesar, D Brackett, I Ashcroft, R Wildman, R Hague
11th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimisation 88, 2015
Thermally induced bi-stable morphing composites using tow-steering
AS Panesar, PM Weaver
20th International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies, 2009
An experimental analysis of deepest bottom-left-fill packing methods for additive manufacturing
LJP Araújo, A Panesar, E Özcan, J Atkin, M Baumers, I Ashcroft
International Journal of Production Research 58 (22), 6917-6933, 2020
Mechanical Performance of Additively Manufactured Fiber-Reinforced Functionally Graded Lattices
J Plocher, A Panesar
JOM 72 (3), 1292-1298, 2020
Next-generation fibre-reinforced lightweight structures for additive manufacturing
J Plocher, A Panesar
29th Annu. Int. Solid Free. Fabr. Symp., Austin, Texas, USA, 664-684, 2018
Mechanical Properties of a Bi-stable Composite Manufactured using Tow-steering
AS Panesar, K Hazra, KD Potter, PM Weaver
2nd Aircraft structural design, RAeS structures and materials conference …, 2010
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