Aristides Bakandritsos
Aristides Bakandritsos
Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Olomouc, Czech Republic
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Targeted drug delivery with polymers and magnetic nanoparticles: covalent and noncovalent approaches, release control, and clinical studies
K Ulbrich, K Hola, V Subr, A Bakandritsos, J Tucek, R Zboril
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GD Peppas, VP Charalampakos, EC Pyrgioti, MG Danikas, ...
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Preparation, stability and cytocompatibility of magnetic/PLA-PEG hybrids
A Bakandritsos, G Mattheolabakis, R Zboril, N Bouropoulos, J Tucek, ...
Nanoscale 2 (4), 564-572, 2010
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