Mark D. Tarn
Mark D. Tarn
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Flow focussing of particles and cells based on their intrinsic properties using a simple diamagnetic repulsion setup
AI Rodríguez-Villarreal, MD Tarn, LA Madden, JB Lutz, J Greenman, ...
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V Arima, G Pascali, O Lade, HR Kretschmer, I Bernsdorf, V Hammond, ...
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Microfluidic devices in superconducting magnets: on-chip free-flow diamagnetophoresis of polymer particles and bubbles
M Vojtíšek, MD Tarn, N Hirota, N Pamme
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The importance of particle type selection and temperature control for on-chip free-flow magnetophoresis
MD Tarn, SA Peyman, D Robert, A Iles, C Wilhelm, N Pamme
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On-chip diamagnetic repulsion in continuous flow
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MD Tarn, MJ Lopez-Martinez, N Pamme
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Microfluidic platforms for performing surface-based clinical assays
MD Tarn, N Pamme
Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 11 (7), 711-720, 2011
High-speed imaging of ice nucleation in water proves the existence of active sites
MA Holden, TF Whale, MD Tarn, D O’Sullivan, RD Walshaw, BJ Murray, ...
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Sample introduction interface for on-chip nucleic acid-based analysis of Helicobacter pylori from stool samples
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Simultaneous trapping of magnetic and diamagnetic particle plugs for separations and bioassays
MD Tarn, SA Peyman, N Pamme
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Phaseguide assisted liquid lamination for magnetic particle-based assays
C Phurimsak, E Yildirim, MD Tarn, SJ Trietsch, T Hankemeier, N Pamme, ...
Lab on a Chip 14 (13), 2334-2343, 2014
Development of radiodetection systems towards miniaturised quality control of PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals
MP Taggart, MD Tarn, MMN Esfahani, DM Schofield, NJ Brown, ...
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Microfluidic device for the rapid coating of magnetic cells with polyelectrolytes
MD Tarn, RF Fakhrullin, VN Paunov, N Pamme
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On-chip determination of C-reactive protein using magnetic particles in continuous flow
C Phurimsak, MD Tarn, SA Peyman, J Greenman, N Pamme
Analytical Chemistry 86 (21), 10552-10559, 2014
Supporting information for "On-chip determination of C-reactive protein using magnetic particles in continuous flow"
C Phurimsak, MD Tarn, SA Peyman, J Greenman, N Pamme
Analytical Chemistry 86 (21), 10552-10559, 2014
On-chip polyelectrolyte coating onto magnetic droplets–towards continuous flow assembly of drug delivery capsules
AQ Alorabi, MD Tarn, J Gómez-Pastora, E Bringas, I Ortiz, VN Paunov, ...
Lab on a Chip 17 (22), 3785-3795, 2017
The study of atmospheric ice-nucleating particles via microfluidically generated droplets
MD Tarn, SNF Sikora, GCE Porter, D O’Sullivan, M Adams, TF Whale, ...
Microfluidics and nanofluidics 22 (5), 52, 2018
Contributions of biogenic material to the atmospheric ice-nucleating particle population in North Western Europe
D O’Sullivan, MP Adams, MD Tarn, AD Harrison, J Vergara-Temprado, ...
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Reference module in chemistry, molecular sciences and chemical engineering
DS Hage
Elsevier Inc., 2013
Tailoring pH-responsive acrylic acid microgels with hydrophobic crosslinks for drug release
B Lu, MD Tarn, N Pamme, TK Georgiou
Journal of materials chemistry B 3 (22), 4524-4529, 2015
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