Colleen Emmenegger
Colleen Emmenegger
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Chroma: a wearable augmented-reality solution for color blindness
E Tanuwidjaja, D Huynh, K Koa, C Nguyen, C Shao, P Torbett, ...
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N Weibel, A Fouse, C Emmenegger, S Kimmich, E Hutchins
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Human-vehicle interfaces: the power of vehicle movement gestures in human road user coordination
M Risto, C Emmenegger, E Vinkhuyzen, M Cefkin, J Hollan
University of Iowa, 2017
The social behavior of autonomous vehicles
L Müller, M Risto, C Emmenegger
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An integrative approach to understanding flight crew activity
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Digital pen and paper practices in observational research
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Interpreter-mediated physician-patient communication: Opportunities for multimodal healthcare interfaces
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The challenges of automation in the automobile
C Emmenegger, D Norman
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Factors affecting physician-patient communication in the medical exam room
J Lyons, R Dixit, C Emmenegger, LL Hill, N Weibel, JD Hollan
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Steven R. Rick srick@ ucsd. edu UC San Diego La Jolla, California, United States
C Emmenegger, J Sabin, W Pratt, A Hartzler, N Weibel
Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives
W Tabone, J de Winter, C Ackermann, J Bärgman, M Baumann, S Deb, ...
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