Dimitris Klaoudatos
Dimitris Klaoudatos
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Assessment of site specific benthic impact of floating cage farming in the eastern Hios island, Eastern Aegean Sea, Greece
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JG Rodrigues, AJ Conides, S Rivero Rodriguez, S Raicevich, P Pita, ...
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Assessment of demersal distribution between two fishing areas in North and Central Greece.
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Technical measures without enforcement tools: is there any sense? A methodological approach for the estimation of passive net length in small scale fisheries
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A Sala, J Brčić, A Conides, F De Carlo, D Klaoudatos, D Grech, ...
Final project report, financed by the European Commission through the …, 2013
Application of the MESMA Framework. Case Study: Inner Ionian Archipelago & adjacent gulfs
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Brood stock formation of the hermaphrodite finfish species Pagellus erythrinus (common Pandora) from fish reared in captivity
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Reproductive ecology, population genetics and population dynamics of selected Decapod Crustaceans
D Klaoudatos
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Estimates of the economic impacts of sea level rise on Paros and Naxos Islands (Cyclades Archipelago Greece)
DS Klaoudatos, A Kokkali, A Conides
Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology 2 (2), 0-4, 2015
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