Jesse Dodge
Jesse Dodge
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Retrofitting word vectors to semantic lexicons
M Faruqui, J Dodge, SK Jauhar, C Dyer, E Hovy, NA Smith
NAACL 2015, 2015
Key-value memory networks for directly reading documents
A Miller, A Fisch, J Dodge, AH Karimi, A Bordes, J Weston
EMNLP 2016, 2016
Midge: Generating image descriptions from computer vision detections
M Mitchell, J Dodge, A Goyal, K Yamaguchi, K Stratos, X Han, A Mensch, ...
Proceedings of the 13th Conference of the European Chapter of the …, 2012
Green ai
R Schwartz, J Dodge, NA Smith, O Etzioni
Communications of the ACM 63 (12), 54-63, 2020
Evaluating prerequisite qualities for learning end-to-end dialog systems
J Dodge, A Gane, X Zhang, A Bordes, S Chopra, A Miller, A Szlam, ...
ICLR 2016, 2016
Fine-tuning pretrained language models: Weight initializations, data orders, and early stopping
J Dodge, G Ilharco, R Schwartz, A Farhadi, H Hajishirzi, N Smith
arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.06305, 2020
Understanding and predicting importance in images
AC Berg, TL Berg, H Daume, J Dodge, A Goyal, X Han, A Mensch, ...
2012 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 3562-3569, 2012
Show your work: Improved reporting of experimental results
J Dodge, S Gururangan, D Card, R Schwartz, NA Smith
EMNLP 2019, 2019
Context-dependent Semantic Parsing for Time Expressions
K Lee, Y Artzi, J Dodge, L Zettlemoyer
Association for Computational Linguistics, 2014
Large scale retrieval and generation of image descriptions
V Ordonez, X Han, P Kuznetsova, G Kulkarni, M Mitchell, K Yamaguchi, ...
International Journal of Computer Vision 119 (1), 46-59, 2016
Detecting visual text
J Dodge, A Goyal, X Han, A Mensch, M Mitchell, K Stratos, K Yamaguchi, ...
Proceedings of the 2012 Conference of the North American Chapter of the …, 2012
The Right Tool for the Job: Matching Model and Instance Complexities
R Schwartz, G Stanovsky, S Swayamdipta, J Dodge, NA Smith
ACL 2020, 2020
CMU: Arc-factored, discriminative semantic dependency parsing
S Thompson, B O'Connor, J Flanigan, D Bamman, J Dodge, ...
Carnegie Mellon University, 2014
Open loop hyperparameter optimization and determinantal point processes
J Dodge, K Jamieson, NA Smith
AutoML Workshop at ICML 2017, 2017
Documenting the english colossal clean crawled corpus
J Dodge, M Sap, A Marasovic, W Agnew, G Ilharco, D Groeneveld, ...
EMNLP 2021, 2021
RNN Architecture Learning with Sparse Regularization
J Dodge, R Schwartz, H Peng, NA Smith
EMNLP 2019, 2019
Competency Problems: On Finding and Removing Artifacts in Language Data
M Gardner, W Merrill, J Dodge, ME Peters, A Ross, S Singh, N Smith
EMNLP 2021, 2021
Key-Value Memory Networks
AH Miller, AJ Fisch, JD Dodge, AH Karimi, A Bordes, JE Weston
US Patent App. 16/002,463, 2018
Expected Validation Performance and Estimation of a Random Variable's Maximum
J Dodge, S Gururangan, D Card, R Schwartz, NA Smith
arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.00613, 2021
Staged Training for Transformer Language Models
S Shen, EP Walsh, K Keutzer, J Dodge, ME Peters, I Beltagy
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