Apostolos Klinakis
Apostolos Klinakis
Investigator, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens
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Notch2 receptor signaling controls functional differentiation of dendritic cells in the spleen and intestine
KL Lewis, ML Caton, M Bogunovic, M Greter, LT Grajkowska, D Ng, ...
Immunity 35 (5), 780-791, 2011
A novel tumour-suppressor function for the Notch pathway in myeloid leukaemia
A Klinakis, C Lobry, O Abdel-Wahab, P Oh, H Haeno, S Buonamici, ...
Nature 473 (7346), 230-233, 2011
CCR7 signalling as an essential regulator of CNS infiltration in T-cell leukaemia
S Buonamici, T Trimarchi, MG Ruocco, L Reavie, S Cathelin, BG Mar, ...
Nature 459 (7249), 1000-1004, 2009
Myc is a Notch1 transcriptional target and a requisite for Notch1-induced mammary tumorigenesis in mice
A Klinakis, M Szabolcs, K Politi, H Kiaris, S Artavanis-Tsakonas, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (24), 9262-9267, 2006
Minos as a genetic and genomic tool in Drosophila melanogaster
A Metaxakis, S Oehler, A Klinakis, C Savakis
Genetics 171 (2), 571-581, 2005
The hormonal action of IGF1 in postnatal mouse growth
E Stratikopoulos, M Szabolcs, I Dragatsis, A Klinakis, A Efstratiadis
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (49), 19378-19383, 2008
VEGF Signals through ATF6 and PERK to promote endothelial cell survival and angiogenesis in the absence of ER stress
E Karali, S Bellou, D Stellas, A Klinakis, C Murphy, T Fotsis
Molecular cell 54 (4), 559-572, 2014
A new tumor suppressor role for the Notch pathway in bladder cancer
T Rampias, P Vgenopoulou, M Avgeris, A Polyzos, K Stravodimos, ...
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Igf1r as a therapeutic target in a mouse model of basal-like breast cancer
A Klinakis, M Szabolcs, G Chen, S Xuan, H Hibshoosh, A Efstratiadis
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (7), 2359-2364, 2009
Functional interplay between the DNA-damage-response kinase ATM and ARF tumour suppressor protein in human cancer
G Velimezi, M Liontos, K Vougas, T Roumeliotis, J Bartkova, M Sideridou, ...
Nature cell biology 15 (8), 967-977, 2013
PEG10 is a c-MYC target gene in cancer cells
CM Li, AA Margolin, M Salas, L Memeo, M Mansukhani, H Hibshoosh, ...
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Proliferation and migration of label-retaining cells of the kidney papilla
JA Oliver, A Klinakis, FH Cheema, J Friedlander, RV Sampogna, ...
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Notch, Myc and breast cancer
A Efstratiadis, M Szabolcs, A Klinakis
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Mobility assays confirm the broad host‐range activity of the Minos transposable element and validate new transformation tools
AG Klinakis, TG Loukeris, A Pavlopoulos, C Savakis
Insect molecular biology 9 (3), 269-275, 2000
In vivo transposition of Minos, a Drosophila mobile element, in mammalian tissues
L Zagoraiou, D Drabek, S Alexaki, JA Guy, AG Klinakis, A Langeveld, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (20), 11474-11478, 2001
KRT14 marks a subpopulation of bladder basal cells with pivotal role in regeneration and tumorigenesis
G Papafotiou, V Paraskevopoulou, E Vasilaki, Z Kanaki, N Paschalidis, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-11, 2016
Genome‐wide insertional mutagenesis in human cells by the Drosophila mobile element minos
AG Klinakis, L Zagoraiou, DK Vassilatis, C Savakis
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Therapeutic effects of an anti-Myc drug on mouse pancreatic cancer
D Stellas, M Szabolcs, S Koul, Z Li, A Polyzos, C Anagnostopoulos, ...
JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute 106 (12), 2014
The DNA damage checkpoint precedes activation of ARF in response to escalating oncogenic stress during tumorigenesis
K Evangelou, J Bartkova, A Kotsinas, IS Pateras, M Liontos, G Velimezi, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 20 (11), 1485-1497, 2013
Germ line transformation of the olive fly Bactrocera oleae using a versatile transgenesis marker
M Koukidou, A Klinakis, C Reboulakis, L Zagoraiou, N Tavernarakis, ...
Insect Molecular Biology 15 (1), 95-103, 2006
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