Emeline Maufroy
Emeline Maufroy
ISTerre, UGA
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
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Earthquake ground motion in the Mygdonian basin, Greece: The E2VP verification and validation of 3D numerical simulation up to 4 Hz
E Maufroy, E Chaljub, F Hollender, J Kristek, P Moczo, P Klin, E Priolo, ...
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 105 (3), 1398-1418, 2015
Frequency‐scaled curvature as a proxy for topographic site‐effect amplification and ground‐motion variability
E Maufroy, VM Cruz‐Atienza, F Cotton, S Gaffet
Bulletin of the seismological society of America 105 (1), 354-367, 2015
3-D numerical simulations of earthquake ground motion in sedimentary basins: testing accuracy through stringent models
E Chaljub, E Maufroy, P Moczo, J Kristek, F Hollender, PY Bard, E Priolo, ...
Geophysical Journal International 201 (1), 90-111, 2015
A robust method for assessing 3-D topographic site effects: A case study at the LSBB Underground Laboratory, France
E Maufroy, VM Cruz-Atienza, S Gaffet
Earthquake Spectra 28 (3), 1097-1115, 2012
Testing oceanic subduction and convective removal models for the Gibraltar arc: Seismological constraints from dispersion and anisotropy
G Bokelmann, E Maufroy, L Buontempo, J Morales, G Barruol
Tectonophysics 502 (1-2), 28-37, 2011
Mantle structure under Gibraltar constrained by dispersion of body waves
G Bokelmann, E Maufroy
Geophysical Research Letters 34 (22), 2007
Characterization of site conditions (soil class, V S30, velocity profiles) for 33 stations from the French permanent accelerometric network (RAP) using surface-wave methods
F Hollender, C Cornou, A Dechamp, K Oghalaei, F Renalier, E Maufroy, ...
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 16 (6), 2337-2365, 2018
3D numerical simulation and ground motion prediction: Verification, validation and beyond–Lessons from the E2VP project
E Maufroy, E Chaljub, F Hollender, PY Bard, J Kristek, P Moczo, ...
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 91, 53-71, 2016
Source‐related variability of site response in the Mygdonian basin (Greece) from accelerometric recordings and 3D numerical simulations
E Maufroy, E Chaljub, NP Theodoulidis, Z Roumelioti, F Hollender, ...
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 107 (2), 787-808, 2017
Rapid response to the M_w 4.9 earthquake of November 11, 2019 in Le Teil, Lower Rhône Valley, France
C Cornou, JP Ampuero, C Aubert, L Audin, S Baize, J Billant, F Brenguier, ...
Center for Open Science, 2020
Comparison of Observed Ground‐Motion Attenuation for the 16 April 2016 Mw 7.8 Ecuador Megathrust Earthquake and Its Two Largest Aftershocks with Existing …
C Beauval, J Marinière, A Laurendeau, JC Singaucho, C Viracucha, ...
Seismological Research Letters 88 (2A), 287-299, 2017
Caractérisation et modélisation numérique de l'effet de site topographique 3D: application à la Grande Montagne de Rustrel, Vaucluse
E Maufroy
Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, 2010
Exceptional ground motion during the shallow M w 4.9 2019 Le Teil earthquake, France
M Causse, C Cornou, E Maufroy, JR Grasso, L Baillet, E El Haber
Communications Earth & Environment 2 (1), 1-9, 2021
Séisme de Barcelonnette du 7 avril 2014
C Sira, A Schlupp, M Schaming, C Chesnais, C Cornou, A Dechamp, ...
Rapport du BCSF, 2014
Travel time inversion from ground level to gallery: protocol for the characterization of P‐wave seismic signature in a fractured‐porous Urgonian platform at hectometric scale
E Maufroy, S Gaffet, S Operto, Y Guglielmi, D Boyer
Near Surface Geophysics 12 (6), 697-708, 2014
Towards rapid prediction of topographic amplification at small scales: contribution of the FSC proxy and Pleiades terrain models for the 2016 Amatrice earthquake (Italy, Mw 6.0)
E Maufroy, P Lacroix, E Chaljub, C Sira, G Grelle, L Bonito, M Causse, ...
Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 2018
RESIF RAP and RLBP dataset of earthquake ground motion in mainland France
P Traversa, E Maufroy, F Hollender, V Perron, V Bremaud, H Shible, ...
Seismological Research Letters 91 (4), 2409-2424, 2020
S2HM in Some European Countries
MP Limongelli, M Dolce, D Spina, P Guéguen, M Langlais, D Wolinieck, ...
Seismic structural health monitoring, 303-343, 2019
Accessing European strong‐motion data: An update on ORFEUS coordinated services
G Lanzano, L Luzi, C Cauzzi, J Bienkowski, D Bindi, J Clinton, M Cocco, ...
Seismological Society of America 92 (3), 1642-1658, 2021
Can We Trust High‐Frequency Content in Strong‐Motion Database Signals? Impact of Housing, Coupling, and Installation Depth of Seismic Sensors
F Hollender, Z Roumelioti, E Maufroy, P Traversa, A Mariscal
Seismological Research Letters 91 (4), 2192-2205, 2020
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