Kyler Carroll
Kyler Carroll
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, San diego, Virginia Commonwealth
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Plasmonics and enhanced magneto-optics in core− shell Co− Ag nanoparticles
L Wang, C Clavero, Z Huba, KJ Carroll, EE Carpenter, D Gu, ...
Nano letters 11 (3), 1237-1240, 2011
Preparation of elemental Cu and Ni nanoparticles by the polyol method: an experimental and theoretical approach
KJ Carroll, JU Reveles, MD Shultz, SN Khanna, EE Carpenter
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (6), 2656-2664, 2011
Correlation between oxygen vacancy, microstrain, and cation distribution in lithium-excess layered oxides during the first electrochemical cycle
CR Fell, D Qian, KJ Carroll, M Chi, JL Jones, YS Meng
Chemistry of Materials 25 (9), 1621-1629, 2013
Synthesis–structure–property relations in layered,“Li-excess” oxides electrode materials Li [Li1/3− 2x/3NixMn2/3− x/3] O2 (x= 1/3, 1/4, and 1/5)
CR Fell, KJ Carroll, M Chi, YS Meng
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VG Harris, Y Chen, A Yang, S Yoon, Z Chen, AL Geiler, J Gao, ...
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Probing the electrode/electrolyte interface in the lithium excess layered oxide Li 1.2 Ni 0.2 Mn 0.6 O 2
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Understanding the Role of NH4F and Al2O3 Surface Co-modification on Lithium-Excess Layered Oxide Li1.2Ni0.2Mn0.6O2
H Liu, D Qian, MG Verde, M Zhang, L Baggetto, K An, Y Chen, KJ Carroll, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (34), 19189-19200, 2015
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KJ Carroll, DM Hudgins, S Spurgeon, KM Kemner, B Mishra, MI Boyanov, ...
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L Baggetto, KJ Carroll, HY Hah, CE Johnson, DR Mullins, RR Unocic, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (15), 7856-7864, 2014
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KJ Carroll, ZJ Huba, SR Spurgeon, M Qian, SN Khanna, DM Hudgins, ...
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DH Lee, KJ Carroll, S Calvin, S Jin, YS Meng
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ZJ Huba, KJ Carroll, EE Carpenter
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (7), 07B514, 2011
Selective nucleation and growth of Cu and Ni core/shell nanoparticles
KJ Carroll, S Calvin, TF Ekiert, KM Unruh, EE Carpenter
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M Zamanpour, Y Chen, B Hu, K Carroll, ZJ Huba, EE Carpenter, LH Lewis, ...
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Intrinsic Surface Stability in LiMn2–xNixO4–δ (x= 0.45, 0.5) High Voltage Spinel Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
KJ Carroll, MC Yang, GM Veith, NJ Dudney, YS Meng
Electrochemical and Solid State Letters 15 (5), A72, 2012
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