Clio Vossou
Clio Vossou
Senior Researcher, Vehicles Laboratory, School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical
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Computational analysis and performance optimization of a solar thermoelectric generator
DN Kossyvakis, CG Vossou, CG Provatidis, EV Hristoforou
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Computational and experimental analysis of a commercially available Seebeck module
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On the CAD/CAE Integration Using Coons Interpolation
CG Provatidis, CG Vossou, EG Theodorou
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Performance evaluation of a communication protocol for vital signs sensors used for the monitoring of athletes
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Investigation of the influence of mesh quality and number of materials used to simulate osteoporosis in finite element models of vertebrae
CG Provatidis, CG Vossou, IN Koukoulis
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Finite Element Stress Analysis Vs Calculation Method For The Construction Of A Metallic Tank Used For Dangerous Goods Transportation
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Computational assessment of a cylindrical tank vehicle structural integrity
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Multiaxial tensile testing of Textile Fabrics
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Computational modelling of piezoelectric fibres
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Investigating mesh parameters to achieve clinically applicable finite element analysis of vertebrae
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Alternative Design for a Semi-Trailer Tank Vehicle
DV Koulocheris, CG Vossou
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A Computational Model for the Reconstruction of Vehicle Collisions
CG Vossou, DV Koulocheris
Mobility & Vehicle Mechanics (MVM) 44 (3), 27-42, 2018
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