Theodore Steriotis
Theodore Steriotis
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Liquid‐phase exfoliation of graphite towards solubilized graphenes
AB Bourlinos, V Georgakilas, R Zboril, TA Steriotis, AK Stubos
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Graphene fluoride: a stable stoichiometric graphene derivative and its chemical conversion to graphene
R Zbořil, F Karlický, AB Bourlinos, TA Steriotis, AK Stubos, V Georgakilas, ...
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DP Broom, CJ Webb, KE Hurst, PA Parilla, T Gennett, CM Brown, ...
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J Pieper, G Charalambopoulou, T Steriotis, S Vasenkov, A Desmedt, ...
Chemical Physics 292 (2-3), 465-476, 2003
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