Argyris Arnellos
Argyris Arnellos
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The relation between interaction aesthetics and affordances
I Xenakis, A Arnellos
Design Studies 34 (1), 57-73, 2013
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F Keijzer, A Arnellos
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I Xenakis, A Arnellos
Aesthetics and the embodied mind: Beyond art theory and the Cartesian mind …, 2015
Autopoiesis, autonomy, and organizational biology: Critical remarks on'Life after Ashby'
L Bich, A Arnellos
Cybernetics & Human Knowing 19 (4), 75-103, 2012
Modeling a Semiotic Process in the Immune System: Signal Transduction in B-cells Activation
CN El-Hani, A Arnellos, J Queiroza
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A Arnellos, T Spyrou, J Darzentas
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I Xenakis, A Arnellos
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I Xenakis, A Arnellos, T Spyrou, J Darzentas
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