Paraskevas Koukaras
Paraskevas Koukaras
PhD Student, International Hellenic University
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
Παρατίθεται από
Παρατίθεται από
Social media prediction: a literature review
D Rousidis, P Koukaras, C Tjortjis
Multimedia Tools and Applications 79 (9), 6279-6311, 2020
Social media types: introducing a data driven taxonomy
P Koukaras, C Tjortjis, D Rousidis
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Social media analytics, types and methodology
P Koukaras, C Tjortjis
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P Koukaras, D Rousidis, C Tjortjis
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A semi-supervised learning approach for complex information networks
P Koukaras, C Berberidis, C Tjortjis
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Mining Data to Deal with Epidemics: Case Studies to Demonstrate Real World AI Applications
C Nousi, P Belogianni, P Koukaras, C Tjortjis
Handbook of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, 287-312, 2022
An interdisciplinary approach on efficient virtual microgrid to virtual microgrid energy balancing incorporating data preprocessing techniques
P Koukaras, C Tjortjis, P Gkaidatzis, N Bezas, D Ioannidis, D Tzovaras
Computing, 1-42, 2021
A Tri-Layer Optimization Framework for Day-Ahead Energy Scheduling Based on Cost and Discomfort Minimization
P Koukaras, P Gkaidatzis, N Bezas, T Bragatto, F Carere, F Santori, ...
Energies 14 (12), 3599, 2021
Examination of NoSQL Transition and Data Mining Capabilities
D Rousidis, P Koukaras, C Tjortjis
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An Introduction to Information Network Modeling Capabilities, Utilizing Graphs
P Koukaras, D Rousidis, C Tjortjis
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Knowledge Discovery in Heterogeneous Information Networks
P Koukaras
IEEE Smart Cities IEEE Smart Cities
A Mystakidis, N Stasinos, A Kousis, V Sarlis, P Koukaras, D Rousidis, ...
Legal Disclaimer
D Ioannidis, N Bezas, P Koukaras, G Gotsos, U Stecchi, J Gomez, ...
Legal Disclaimer
L Gallego, U Stecchi, J Gomez, N Bezas, P Koukaras, C Tjortjis, ...
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