Vasile Rus
Vasile Rus
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
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Falcon: Boosting knowledge for answer engines
S Harabagiu, D Moldovan, M Pasca, R Mihalcea, M Surdeanu, ...
TREC 9, 479-488, 2000
Lasso: A tool for surfing the answer net
D Moldovan, S Harabagiu, M Pasca, A Harabagiu, R Mihalcea, R Girju, ...
The structure and performance of an open-domain question answering system
D Moldovan, S Harabagiu, M Pasca, R Mihalcea, R Girju, R Goodrum, ...
Proceedings of the 38th annual meeting of the Association for Computational …, 2000
Logic form transformation of wordnet and its applicability to question answering
D Moldovan, V Rus
Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational …, 2001
An optimal assessment of natural language student input using word-to-word similarity metrics
V Rus, M Lintean
International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 675-676, 2012
Semilar: The semantic similarity toolkit
V Rus, M Lintean, R Banjade, NB Niraula, D Stefanescu
Proceedings of the 51st annual meeting of the association for computational …, 2013
The role of lexico-semantic feedback in open-domain textual question-answering
S Harabagiu, D Moldovan, M Pasca, R Mihalcea, M Surdeanu, ...
Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational …, 2001
Answering complex, list and context questions with LCC's Question-Answering Server
S Harabagiu, D Moldovan, M Pasca, M Surdeanu, R Mihalcea, CR Gırju, ...
AUTHOR Voorhees, Ellen M., Ed.; Harman, Donna K., Ed. TITLE The Text …, 2001
Paraphrase Identification with Lexico-Syntactic Graph Subsumption.
V Rus, PM McCarthy, MC Lintean, DS McNamara, AC Graesser
FLAIRS conference, 201-206, 2008
The first question generation shared task evaluation challenge
V Rus, B Wyse, P Piwek, M Lintean, S Stoyanchev, C Moldovan
The question generation shared task and evaluation challenge
V Rus, CG Arthur
The University of Memphis. National Science Foundation, 2009
Recent advances in conversational intelligent tutoring systems
V Rus, S D’Mello, X Hu, A Graesser
AI magazine 34 (3), 42-54, 2013
Similarity measures based on latent dirichlet allocation
V Rus, N Niraula, R Banjade
International conference on intelligent text processing and computational …, 2013
G-Asks: An intelligent automatic question generation system for academic writing support
M Liu, RA Calvo, V Rus
Dialogue & Discourse 3 (2), 101-124, 2012
Automatic question generation for literature review writing support
M Liu, RA Calvo, V Rus
International conference on intelligent tutoring systems, 45-54, 2010
Characterizing comment spam in the blogosphere through content analysis
A Bhattarai, V Rus, D Dasgupta
2009 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Cyber Security, 37-44, 2009
Automated Speech Act Classification For Online Chat.
C Moldovan, V Rus, AC Graesser
MAICS 710, 23-29, 2011
The Writing-Pal: Natural language algorithms to support intelligent tutoring on writing strategies
DS McNamara, R Raine, R Roscoe, SA Crossley, GT Jackson, J Dai, ...
K-12 Education: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 780-793, 2014
The role of local and global weighting in assessing the semantic similarity of texts using latent semantic analysis
M Lintean, C Moldovan, V Rus, D McNamara
Twenty-Third International FLAIRS Conference, 2010
Measuring semantic similarity in short texts through greedy pairing and word semantics
M Lintean, V Rus
Twenty-Fifth International FLAIRS Conference, 2012
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