François-Xavier SIMON
François-Xavier SIMON
Inrap / UMR 6249
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
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1D sequential inversion of portable multi-configuration electromagnetic induction data
J Guillemoteau, FX Simon, E Lück, J Tronicke
Near Surface Geophysics 14 (5), 423-432, 2016
The highest gradient model: a new method for analytical assessment of the efficiency of LiDAR-derived visualization techniques for landform detection and mapping
A Mayoral, JP Toumazet, FX Simon, F Vautier, JL Peiry
Remote Sensing 9 (2), 120, 2017
Mapping of quadrature magnetic susceptibility/magnetic viscosity of soils by using multi-frequency EMI
FX Simon, A Sarris, J Thiesson, A Tabbagh
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Slingram EMI prospection: Are vertical orientated devices a suitable solution in archaeological and pedological prospection?
J Thiesson, G Rousselle, FX Simon, A Tabbagh
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Investigating magnetic ghosts on an Early Middle Age settlement: Comparison of data from stripped and non‐stripped areas
FX Simon, A Koziol, J Thiesson
Archaeological Prospection 19 (3), 191-200, 2012
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JC Donati, A Sarris, N Papadopoulos, T Kalaycı, FX Simon, M Manataki, ...
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Magnetic signal prospecting using multiparameter measurements: The case study of the Gallic site of Levroux
M Petronille, J Thiesson, FX Simon, O Buchsenschutz
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J Thiesson, A Tabbagh, FX Simon, M Dabas
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Rapid 1D/3D inversion of shallow resistivity multipole data: Examples in archaeological prospection
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C Benech, M Dabas, FX Simon, A Tabbagh, J Thiesson
Geophysics 81 (2), E103-E112, 2016
How Efficient is an Integrative Approach in Archaeological Geophysics?: Comparative Case-Studies from Neolithic Settlements in Thessaly (Central Greece)
SA Simon F.-X., Kalayci T., Jamieson D., Cuenca C. G., Manataki M, Cantoro G.
Near Surface Geophysics 13 (6), 633-643, 2015
L'apport de l'outil géophysique pour la reconnaissance et la caractérisation des sites en archéologie préventive, méthodes et perspectives: exemples en Alsace
FX Simon
Université Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI, 2012
A Manifold Approach for the Investigation of Early and Middle Neolithic Settlements in Thessaly, Greece
T Kalayci, FX Simon, A Sarris
Geosciences 7 (3), 79, 2017
Complex susceptibility measurement using multi-frequency Slingram EMI instrument
FX Simon, A Tabbagh, J Thiesson, JC Donati, A Sarris
Near Surface Geoscience 2014-20th European Meeting of Environmental and …, 2014
Geophysics and preventive archaeology in France: new inter-disciplinary issues
G Hulin, FX Simon
First break 30 (8), 2012
Identification of shapes and uses of past landscapes through EMI survey
FX Simon, I Moffat
Best Practices of GeoInformatic Technologies for the Mapping of …, 2015
Multi-component geophysical survey at the Classical Greek cities of Mantinea and Elis
I Moffat, N Papadopoulos, J Donati, A Sarris, T Kalayci, C Cuenca-García, ...
Antiquity 89, 345, 2015
Quantifying multiple electromagnetic properties in EMI surveys: A case study of hydromorphic soils in a volcanic context–The Lac du Puy (France)
FX Simon, M Pareilh-Peyrou, S Buvat, A Mayoral, P Labazuy, K Kelfoun, ...
Geoderma 361, 114084, 2020
Permittivity mapping in the VLF–LF range using a multi-frequency EMI device: first tests in archaeological prospection
FX Simon, A Tabbagh, JC Donati, A Sarris
Near Surface Geophysics 17 (1), 27-41, 2019
Geoarchaeology and chronostratigraphy of the Lac du Puy intraurban protohistoric wetland, Corent, France
A Mayoral, JL Peiry, JF Berger, PM Ledger, B Depreux, FX Simon, ...
Geoarchaeology 33 (5), 594-604, 2018
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