Alessio Gambi
Alessio Gambi
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Negotiation of service level agreements: An architecture and a search-based approach
E Di Nitto, M Di Penta, A Gambi, G Ripa, ML Villani
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Automatically testing self-driving cars with search-based procedural content generation
A Gambi, M Mueller, G Fraser
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Practical test dependency detection
A Gambi, J Bell, A Zeller
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Kriging controllers for cloud applications
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Cut: Automatic unit testing in the cloud
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Modeling cloud performance with kriging
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Assurance of self-adaptive controllers for the cloud
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Generating effective test cases for self-driving cars from police reports
A Gambi, T Huynh, G Fraser
Proceedings of the 2019 27th ACM Joint Meeting on European Software …, 2019
CoMoT--A Platform-as-a-Service for Elasticity in the Cloud
HL Truong, S Dustdar, G Copil, A Gambi, W Hummer, DH Le, D Moldovan
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On estimating actuation delays in elastic computing systems
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Gamifying a software testing course with code defenders
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Iterative test suites refinement for elastic computing systems
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A framework and middleware for application-level cloud bursting on top of infrastructure-as-a-service clouds
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O! snap: Cost-efficient testing in the cloud
A Gambi, A Gorla, A Zeller
2017 IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and …, 2017
SLA protection models for virtualized data centers
A Gambi, M Pezze, M Young
2009 ICSE Workshop on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing …, 2009
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