Nesma T. Aboulkhair
Nesma T. Aboulkhair
University of Nottingham
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Reducing porosity in AlSi10Mg parts processed by selective laser melting
NT Aboulkhair, NM Everitt, I Ashcroft, C Tuck
Additive Manufacturing 1, 77-86, 2014
The microstructure and mechanical properties of selectively laser melted AlSi10Mg: The effect of a conventional T6-like heat treatment
NT Aboulkhair, I Maskery, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, NM Everitt
Materials Science and Engineering: A 667, 139-146, 2016
A mechanical property evaluation of graded density Al-Si10-Mg lattice structures manufactured by selective laser melting
I Maskery, NT Aboulkhair, AO Aremu, CJ Tuck, IA Ashcroft, RD Wildman, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 670, 264-274, 2016
A study on the laser spatter and the oxidation reactions during selective laser melting of 316L stainless steel, Al-Si10-Mg, and Ti-6Al-4V
M Simonelli, C Tuck, NT Aboulkhair, I Maskery, I Ashcroft, RD Wildman, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 46 (9), 3842-3851, 2015
On the formation of AlSi10Mg single tracks and layers in selective laser melting: Microstructure and nano-mechanical properties
NT Aboulkhair, I Maskery, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, NM Everitt
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 230, 88-98, 2016
Quantification and characterisation of porosity in selectively laser melted Al–Si10–Mg using X-ray computed tomography
I Maskery, NT Aboulkhair, MR Corfield, C Tuck, AT Clare, RK Leach, ...
Materials Characterization 111, 193-204, 2016
Improving the fatigue behaviour of a selectively laser melted aluminium alloy: Influence of heat treatment and surface quality
NT Aboulkhair, I Maskery, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, NM Everitt
Materials & Design 104, 174-182, 2016
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I Maskery, NT Aboulkhair, AO Aremu, CJ Tuck, IA Ashcroft
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3D printing of Aluminium alloys: Additive Manufacturing of Aluminium alloys using selective laser melting
NT Aboulkhair, M Simonelli, L Parry, I Ashcroft, C Tuck, R Hague
Progress in Materials Science 106, 100578, 2019
On the precipitation hardening of selective laser melted AlSi10Mg
NT Aboulkhair, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, I Maskery, NM Everitt
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 46 (8), 3337-3341, 2015
Fractal scan strategies for selective laser melting of ‘unweldable’nickel superalloys
S Catchpole-Smith, N Aboulkhair, L Parry, C Tuck, IA Ashcroft, A Clare
Additive Manufacturing 15, 113-122, 2017
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S Bland, NT Aboulkhair
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NT Aboulkhair, NM Everitt, I Maskery, I Ashcroft, C Tuck
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Fatigue Performance Enhancement of Selectively Laser Melted Aluminium Alloy by Heat Treatment
IM , Nesma T. Aboulkhair, Chris Tuck, Ricky Wildman, Ian Ashcroft, Nicola M ...
26th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, 1017-1025, 2015
A comparison of Ti-6Al-4V in-situ alloying in Selective Laser Melting using simply-mixed and satellited powder blend feedstocks
M Simonelli, NT Aboulkhair, P Cohen, JW Murray, AT Clare, C Tuck, ...
Materials Characterization 143, 118-126, 2018
Additive manufacture of an aluminium alloy: processing, microstructure, and mechanical properties
NT Aboulkhair
University of Nottingham, 2016
Bi-modally structured pure aluminum for enhanced strength and ductility
AMK Esawi, NT Aboulkhair
Materials & Design 83, 493-498, 2015
The role of powder properties on the processability of Aluminium alloys in selective laser melting
Nesma T. Aboulkhair, Ian Maskery, Ian Ashcroft, Chris Tuck, Nicola M. Everitt
22nd World of Photonics Congress: Lasers in Manufacturing conference, 2015
Mechanical properties of selective laser melted AlSi10Mg: nano, micro, and macro properties
NT Aboulkhair, A Stephens, I Maskery, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, NM Everitt
Proc. of Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium 1, 1-30, 2015
A tripropylene glycol diacrylate-based polymeric support ink for material jetting
Y He, F Zhang, E Saleh, J Vaithilingam, N Aboulkhair, B Begines, CJ Tuck, ...
Additive Manufacturing 16, 153-161, 2017
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