Sandrine Lecour
Sandrine Lecour
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The red wine hypothesis: from concepts to protective signalling molecules
LH Opie, S Lecour
European heart journal 28 (14), 1683-1693, 2007
Activation of the protective Survivor Activating Factor Enhancement (SAFE) pathway against reperfusion injury: does it go beyond the RISK pathway?
S Lecour
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L Lacerda, S Somers, LH Opie, S Lecour
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Position Paper of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group Cellular Biology of the Heart: cell-based therapies for myocardial repair and regeneration in ischemic heart …
R Madonna, LW Van Laake, SM Davidson, FB Engel, DJ Hausenloy, ...
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Proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins and cardiovascular diseases
MJ Kruger, N Davies, KH Myburgh, S Lecour
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Extracellular vesicles in diagnostics and therapy of the ischaemic heart: Position Paper from the Working Group on Cellular Biology of the Heart of the European Society of …
JPG Sluijter, SM Davidson, CM Boulanger, EI Buzas, DPV De Kleijn, ...
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Systemic free radical activation is a major event involved in myocardial oxidative stress related to cardiopulmonary bypass
G Clermont, C Vergely, S Jazayeri, JJ Lahet, JJ Goudeau, S Lecour, ...
The Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists 96 (1), 80-87, 2002
Alteration in plasma antioxidant capacities in chronic renal failure and hemodialysis patients: a possible explanation for the increased cardiovascular risk in these patients
G Clermont, S Lecour, JJ Lahet, P Siohan, C Vergely, D Chevet, G Rifle, ...
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Dual activation of STAT-3 and Akt is required during the trigger phase of ischaemic preconditioning
N Suleman, S Somers, R Smith, LH Opie, SC Lecour
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A comprehensive review: the evolution of animal models in pulmonary hypertension research; are we there yet?
G Maarman, S Lecour, G Butrous, F Thienemann, K Sliwa
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ESC working group cellular biology of the heart: position paper: improving the preclinical assessment of novel cardioprotective therapies
S Lecour, HE Bøtker, G Condorelli, SM Davidson, D Garcia-Dorado, ...
Cardiovascular research 104 (3), 399-411, 2014
Is red wine a SAFE sip away from cardioprotection? Mechanisms involved in resveratrol‐and melatonin‐induced cardioprotection
KT Lamont, S Somers, L Lacerda, LH Opie, S Lecour
Journal of pineal research 50 (4), 374-380, 2011
Multiple protective pathways against reperfusion injury: a SAFE path without Aktion?
S Lecour
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology 46 (5), 607-609, 2009
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