Alexios-Leandros Skaltsounis
Alexios-Leandros Skaltsounis
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Maintenance of pluripotency in human and mouse embryonic stem cells through activation of Wnt signaling by a pharmacological GSK-3-specific inhibitor
N Sato, L Meijer, L Skaltsounis, P Greengard, AH Brivanlou
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Maintenance of pluripotency in human and mouse embryonic stem cells through activation of Wnt signaling by a pharmacological GSK-3-specific inhibitor
N Sato, L Meijer, L Skaltsounis, P Greengard, AH Brivanlou
Nature medicine 10 (1), 55-63, 2004
GSK-3-selective inhibitors derived from Tyrian purple indirubins
L Meijer, AL Skaltsounis, P Magiatis, P Polychronopoulos, M Knockaert, ...
Chemistry & biology 10 (12), 1255-1266, 2003
Structural basis for the synthesis of indirubins as potent and selective inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase-3 and cyclin-dependent kinases
P Polychronopoulos, P Magiatis, AL Skaltsounis, V Myrianthopoulos, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 47 (4), 935-946, 2004
Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oils of Pistacia lentiscus var. chia
P Magiatis, E Melliou, AL Skaltsounis, IB Chinou, S Mitaku
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The olive constituent oleuropein exhibits anti-ischemic, antioxidative, and hypolipidemic effects in anesthetized rabbits
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European map of alien plant invasions based on the quantitative assessment across habitats
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Polyphenols compounds from red grapes acutely improve endothelial function in patients with coronary heart disease
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Walnut extract (Juglans regia L.) and its component ellagic acid exhibit anti-inflammatory activity in human aorta endothelial cells and osteoblastic activity in the cell …
Z Papoutsi, E Kassi, I Chinou, M Halabalaki, LA Skaltsounis, ...
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Chemical composition and in-vitro antimicrobial activity of the essential oils of three Greek Achillea species
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Bioactive non-coloured polyphenols content of grapes, wines and vinification by-products: Evaluation of the antioxidant activities of their extracts
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Synthesis and cytotoxic and antitumor activity of esters in the 1, 2-dihydroxy-1, 2-dihydroacronycine series
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Dose–response study of effect of oleuropein, an olive oil polyphenol, in an ovariectomy/inflammation experimental model of bone loss in the rat
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Olive oil and its main phenolic micronutrient (oleuropein) prevent inflammation-induced bone loss in the ovariectomised rat
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Phenolic constituents of Selaginella doederleinii
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