Edward Pope
Edward Pope
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The biology and ecology of the ocean sunfish Mola mola: a review of current knowledge and future research perspectives
EC Pope, GC Hays, TM Thys, TK Doyle, DW Sims, N Queiroz, VJ Hobson, ...
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Entomopathogenic fungus as a biological control for an important vector of livestock disease: the Culicoides biting midge
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Increased disease calls for a cost-benefits review of marine reserves
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Characterization and molecular epidemiology of a fungal infection of edible crabs (Cancer pagurus) and interaction of the fungus with the dinoflagellate parasite Hematodinium
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Macro-to-nanoscale investigation of wall-plate joints in the acorn barnacle Semibalanus balanoides: correlative imaging, biological form and function, and …
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Myrrh-derived terpenoids as inhibitors of marine biofouling
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Unresolved Questions About Ocean Sunfishes, Molidae: A Family Comprising Some of the World’s Largest Teleosts
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Is the perceived resiliency of fish larvae to ocean acidification masking more subtle effects
EC Pope, RP Ellis, M Scolamacchia, JWS Scolding, A Keay, ...
Biogeosciences Discuss 10, 17043-17070, 2013
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