Carol Forsyth
Carol Forsyth
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Operation ARA: A computerized learning game that teaches critical thinking and scientific reasoning
DF Halpern, K Millis, AC Graesser, H Butler, C Forsyth, Z Cai
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Two Heads May Be Better than One: Learning from Computer Agents in Conversational Trialogues.
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Grantee Submission 119, 1-20, 2017
Secret agents, alien spies, and a quest to save the world: operation ARIES! Engages students in scientific reasoning and critical thinking
HA Butler, C Forsyth, DF Halpern, AC Graesser, K Millis
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Designing and evaluating reporting systems in the context of new assessments
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Accuracy of tracking student’s natural language in operation aries!, a serious game for scientific methods
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International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 626-627, 2012
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