Germán Puebla
Germán Puebla
Associate Professor
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Παρατίθεται από
Cost analysis of java bytecode
E Albert, P Arenas, S Genaim, G Puebla, D Zanardini
European symposium on programming, 157-172, 2007
Integrated program debugging, verification, and optimization using abstract interpretation (and the Ciao system preprocessor)
MV Hermenegildo, G Puebla, F Bueno, P López-García
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Closed-form upper bounds in static cost analysis
E Albert, P Arenas, S Genaim, G Puebla
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An assertion language for constraint logic programs
G Puebla, F Bueno, M Hermenegildo
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On the Role of Semantic Approximations on Validation and Diagnosis of Contraint Logic Programs.
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E Albert, P Arenas, S Genaim, G Puebla
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E Albert, P Arenas, S Genaim, G Puebla, D Zanardini
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APPIA-GULP-PRODE, 105-110, 1996
Using global analysis, partial specifications, and an extensible assertion language for program validation and debugging
M Hermenegildo, G Puebla, F Bueno
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SACO: static analyzer for concurrent objects
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International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and …, 2014
Abstraction-carrying code
E Albert, G Puebla, M Hermenegildo
International Conference on Logic for Programming Artificial Intelligence …, 2005
Termination analysis of Java bytecode
E Albert, P Arenas, M Codish, S Genaim, G Puebla, D Zanardini
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Global analysis of standard Prolog programs
F Bueno, D Cabeza, M Hermenegildo, G Puebla
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Program Analysis, Debugging, and Optimization Using the Ciao System Preprocessor.
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ICLP, 52-66, 1999
Abstract interpretation over non-deterministic finite tree automata for set-based analysis of logic programs
JP Gallagher, G Puebla
International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages, 243-261, 2002
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