Nicola Messina
Nicola Messina
PhD student, ISTI-CNR, Pisa
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
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Παρατίθεται από
Learning relationship-aware visual features
N Messina, G Amato, F Carrara, F Falchi, C Gennaro
Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) Workshops, 0-0, 2018
Learning pedestrian detection from virtual worlds
G Amato, L Ciampi, F Falchi, C Gennaro, N Messina
International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, 302-312, 2019
Learning visual features for relational CBIR
N Messina, G Amato, F Carrara, F Falchi, C Gennaro
International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval, 1-12, 2019
Testing deep neural networks on the same-different task
N Messina, G Amato, F Carrara, F Falchi, C Gennaro
2019 International Conference on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI), 1-6, 2019
Transformer reasoning network for image-text matching and retrieval
N Messina, F Falchi, A Esuli, G Amato
arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.09144, 2020
Re-implementing and extending relation network for R-CBIR
N Messina, G Amato, F Falchi
Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries, 82-92, 2020
Virtual to real adaptation of pedestrian detectors
L Ciampi, N Messina, F Falchi, C Gennaro, G Amato
Sensors 20 (18), 5250, 2020
Intelligenza artificiale per ricerca in big multimedia data
F Carrara, G Amato, F Debole, M Di Benedetto, F Falchi, C Gennaro, ...
Ital-IA. CINI, 2019
Relational Visual-Textual Information Retrieval
N Messina
International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications, 405-411, 2020
Fine-grained Visual Textual Alignment for Cross-Modal Retrieval using Transformer Encoders
N Messina, G Amato, A Esuli, F Falchi, C Gennaro, S Marchand-Maillet
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.05231, 2020
Design and Testing of a Neural Network for Relational Content-Based Image Retrieval
Solving the Same-Different Task with Convolutional Neural Networks
N Messina, G Amato, F Carrara, C Gennaro, F Falchi
Pattern Recognition Letters, 0
AIMIR Research Activities 2019
G Amato, P Bolettieri, F Carrara, L Ciampi, M Di Benedetto, F Debole, ...
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