Franca Delmastro
Franca Delmastro
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Experimenting an indoor bluetooth-based positioning service
G Anastasi, R Bandelloni, M Conti, F Delmastro, E Gregori, G Mainetto
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Design and analysis of a bluetooth-based indoor localization system
R Bruno, F Delmastro
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F Delmastro
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V Arnaboldi, M Conti, F Delmastro
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F Delmastro
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MG Campana, F Delmastro
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Implementation of cameo: A context-aware middleware for opportunistic mobile social networks
V Arnaboldi, M Conti, F Delmastro
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Sensor mobile enablement (sme): A light-weight standard for opportunistic sensing services
V Arnaboldi, M Conti, F Delmastro, G Minutiello, L Ricci
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