Petros Koutsovitis
Petros Koutsovitis
Assist. Professor Univ. of Patras
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
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Subduction-related rodingites from East Othris, Greece: Mineral reactions and physicochemical conditions of formation
P Koutsovitis, A Magganas, P Pomonis, T Ntaflos
Lithos 172, 139-157, 2013
Composition, melting and evolution of the upper mantle beneath the Jurassic Pindos ocean inferred by ophiolitic ultramafic rocks in East Othris, Greece
A Magganas, P Koutsovitis
International Journal of Earth Sciences 104 (5), 1185-1207, 2015
Gabbroic rocks in ophiolitic occurrences from East Othris, Greece: petrogenetic processes and geotectonic environment implications
P Koutsovitis
Mineralogy and Petrology 104 (3-4), 249-265, 2012
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S Lekkas, E Skourtsos, K Soukis, H Kranis, S Lozios, A Alexopoulos, ...
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Rift and intra-oceanic subduction signatures in the Western Tethys during the Triassic: the case of ultramafic lavas as part of an unusual ultramafic–mafic–felsic suite in …
P Koutsovitis, A Magganas, T Ntaflos
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Sorption mechanism (s) of orthophosphate onto Ca (OH) 2 pretreated bentonite
G Markou, VJ Inglezakis, D Mitrogiannis, I Efthimiopoulos, M Psychoyou, ...
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P Koutsovitis
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Petrographic Characteristics of Sandstones as a Basis to Evaluate Their Suitability in Construction and Energy Storage Applications. A Case Study from Klepa Nafpaktias (Central …
P Petrounias, PP Giannakopoulou, A Rogkala, M Kalpogiannaki, ...
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Petrological and Mineralogical research of the Ophiolitic rocks in the region of Eastern Othris, Greece
P Koutsovitis
University of Athens, Greece, 1-535, 2009
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Potential for Mineral Carbonation of CO2 in Pleistocene Basaltic Rocks in Volos Region (Central Greece)
N Koukouzas, P Koutsovitis, P Tyrologou, C Karkalis, A Arvanitis
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Petrological, mineralogical and geochemical data from the Eohellenic ophiolitic nappe in the island of Skyros, Greece
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The geochemistry and petrogenesis of volcanic rocks within ophiolitic formations at the northeast Othris region, Greece
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Επιστημονική Επετηρίδα του Τμήματος Γεωλογίας (ΑΠΘ) 99, 263-270, 2010
Valorization of Slags Produced by Smelting of Metallurgical Dusts and Lateritic Ore Fines in Manufacturing of Slag Cements
T Tzevelekou, P Lampropoulou, PP Giannakopoulou, A Rogkala, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (13), 4670, 2020
Petrogenetic constraints on the origin and formation of the Hellenic Triassic rift-related lavas
P Koutsovitis, A Magganas, T Ntaflos, N Koukouzas, AE Rassios, ...
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Potential Sites for Underground Energy and CO2 Storage in Greece: A Geological and Petrological Approach
A Arvanitis, P Koutsovitis, N Koukouzas, P Tyrologou, D Karapanos, ...
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Meteora: a Billion Years of Geological History in Greece to Create a World Heritage Site
AE Rassios, D Ghikas, Y Dilek, A Vamvaka, A Batsi, P Koutsovitis
Geoheritage 12 (4), 1-16, 2020
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