Markus Weinmann
Markus Weinmann
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
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Digital nudging
M Weinmann, J Schneider, C, vom Brocke
Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) 58 (6), 433-436, 2016
How is your user feeling? Inferring emotion through human–computer interaction devices
M Hibbeln, JL Jenkins, C Schneider, JS Valacich, M Weinmann
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Digital Nudging–Guiding Choices by Using Interface Design
C Schneider, M Weinmann, J vom Brocke
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Beyond crowd judgments: Data-driven estimation of market value in association football
O Müller, A Simons, M Weinmann
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Which Reward Should I Choose? Preliminary Evidence for the Middle-Option Bias in Reward-Based Crowdfunding
A Simons, M Weinmann, M Tietz, J vom Brocke
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Investigating the Effect of Insurance Fraud on Mouse Usage in Human-Computer Interactions
M Hibbeln, J Jenkins, C Schneider, J Valacich, M Weinmann
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Get It before it’s gone? How limited rewards influence backers’ choices in reward-based crowdfunding
M Weinmann, M Tietz, A Simons, J vom Brocke
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The Decoy Effect in Reward-Based Crowdfunding: Preliminary Results from an Online Experiment
M Tietz, A Simons, M Weinmann, J vom Brocke
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S Busse, P Helmholz, M Weinmann
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Nudging People to Pay CO2 Offsets – The Effect of Anchors in Flight Booking Processes
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Identifying Preferences Through Mouse Cursor Movements—Preliminary Evidence
J Schneider, M Weinmann, C Schneider, J vom Brocke
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Choice architecture: Using fixation patterns to analyze the effects of form design on cognitive biases
C Schneider, M Weinmann, J vom Brocke
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Emotion Recognition through Keystroke Dynamics on Touchscreen Keyboards.
M Trojahn, F Arndt, M Weinmann, F Ortmeier
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Customer-Oriented Product Configuration Systems: One Type Fits All?
M Weinmann, M Hibbeln, S Robra-Bissantz
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Good gamers, good managers? A proof-of-concept study with Sid Meier’s Civilization
A Simons, I Wohlgenannt, M Weinmann, S Fleischer
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Einflussfaktoren auf die Präferenz bei Produktkonfiguratoren-Eine empirische Studie am Beispiel der Automobilindustrie
M Weinmann, S Robra-Bissantz, M Witt, E Schmidt
Wirtschaftsinformatik Konferenz, 2011
MOUSEREC—Monitoring Online Users’ Emotions by Recording and Evaluating Cursor Movements
M Weinmann, C Schneider, S Robra-Bissantz
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When the Stars Shine Too Bright: The Influence of Multidimensional Ratings on Online Consumer Ratings
C Schneider, M Weinmann, P Mohr, J vom Brocke
Management Science, Articles in Advance, 2020
Die Geschlechter im E-Commerce–Eine empirische Studie über das (Such-) Verhalten und das Erleben von Emotionen am Beispiel der Produktkonfiguration
M Weinmann, S Robra-Bissantz
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Do Good Gamers Make Good Students? Sid Meier’s Civilization and Performance Prediction
A Simons, M Weinmann, S Fleischer, I Wohlgenannt
International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2015
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