Michael Hsiao
Michael Hsiao
Professor, Virginia Tech, IEEE Fellow
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Hardware Trojan attacks: Threat analysis and countermeasures
S Bhunia, MS Hsiao, M Banga, S Narasimhan
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A region based approach for the identification of hardware Trojans
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Denial-of-Service Attacks on Battery-powered Mobile Computers
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M Banga, MS Hsiao
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Cognitive radio and networking research at Virginia Tech
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Compiler-directed dynamic frequency and voltage scheduling
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M Banga, MS Hsiao
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Testing, verification, and diagnosis in the presence of unknowns
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Using non-trivial logic implications for trace buffer-based silicon debug
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Peak power estimation using genetic spot optimization for large VLSI circuits
MS Hsiao
Proceedings of the conference on Design, automation and test in Europe, 38-es, 1999
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