Leonardo Tizzei
Leonardo Tizzei
IBM Researcher
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Παρατίθεται από
Components meet aspects: Assessing design stability of a software product line
LP Tizzei, M Dias, CMF Rubira, A Garcia, J Lee
Information and Software Technology 53 (2), 121-136, 2011
Using Microservices and Software Product Line Engineering to Support Reuse of Evolving Multi-tenant SaaS
LP Tizzei, M Nery, VCVB Segura, RFG Cerqueira
Proceedings of the 21st International Systems and Software Product Line …, 2017
Job placement advisor based on turnaround predictions for HPC hybrid clouds
RLF Cunha, ER Rodrigues, LP Tizzei, MAS Netto
Future Generation Computer Systems, 2016
IBM Design Thinking Software Development Framework
P Lucena, A Braz, A Chicoria, LP Tizzei
Brazilian Workshop on Agile Methods, 98-109, 2017
IBM Design Thinking Software Development Framework
P Lucena, A Braz, A Chicoria, L Tizzei
Leveraging Aspect-Connectors to Improve Stability of Product-Line Variabilities
MO Dias, L Tizzei, CMF Rubira, AF Garcia, J Lee
International Workshop on Variability Modelling of Software-intensive …, 2010
An Aspect-based Feature Model for Architecting Component Product Lines
LP Tizzei, CMF Rubira, J Lee
38th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications …, 2012
Extraction of Configurable and Reusable Microservices from Legacy Systems: An Exploratory Study
L Carvalho, A Garcia, WKG Assunção, R Bonifácio, LP Tizzei, TE Colanzi
Proceedings of the 23rd International Systems and Software Product Line …, 2019
A Self-adaptive Auto-scaling Method for Scientific Applications on HPC Environments and Clouds
K Mantripragada, A Binotto, LP Tizzei
arXiv preprint arXiv:1412.6392, 2014
An Aspect-oriented View to Support Feature-oriented Reengineering
L Tizzei, J Lee, CM Rubira
Proceedings of the 15th International Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Modeling …, 2010
Evolving a Software Products Line for E-commerce Systems: a Case Study
RP Azzolini, CMF Rubira, LP Tizzei, FN Gaia, L Montecchi
Proceedings of the 2015 European Conference on Software Architecture …, 2015
Evolução de arquiteturas de linhas de produtos baseadas em componentes e aspectos
LP Tizzei
Biblioteca Digital da Unicamp, 2012
Uma abordagem sistemática para reutilizaç ao e versionamento de componentes de software
LP Tizzei, PA Guerra, CMF Rubira
Um Repositório de Componentes com Suportea Evoluç ao centrada na Arquitetura de Software
LP Tizzei, HS Pinho, PAC Guerra, CMF Rubira
A Case Study Using AOP and Components to Build Software Product Lines in Android Platform
GM Waku, CMF Rubira, LP Tizzei
Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA), 2015 41st Euromicro …, 2015
Optimizing Multi-tenant Cloud Resource Pools via Allocation of Reusable Time Slots
LP Tizzei, MAS Netto, S Tao
12th International Conference on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems, and …, 2015
Aspect-connectors to support the evolution of component-based product line architectures: a comparative study
L Tizzei, C Rubira
Software Architecture, 59-66, 2011
Optimizing Multi-tenant Cloud Resource Pools via Allocation of Reusable Time Slots
LP Tizzei, MAS Netto, S Tao
Agricultural method and system using a high resolution sensing device for analyzing and servicing crops
RR de Mello Brandao, MF Moreno, IC Oliveira, MN Dos Santos, LP Tizzei, ...
US Patent 10,372,987, 2019
WISE-SPL: Bringing Multi-tenancy to the Weather InSights Environment System
VCVB Segura, LP Tizzei, JPF Ramirez, MN Santos, LG Azevedo, ...
Product Line Approaches in Software Engineering (PLEASE), 2015 IEEE/ACM 5th …, 2015
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