Dimitrios Ι. Koutras
Dimitrios Ι. Koutras
Research Assistant at Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), PhD Candidate at DUTH
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From automated to manual-modeling control transitions with sumo
L Lücken, E Mintsis, NP Kallirroi, R Alms, YP Flötteröd, D Koutras
EasyChair 62, 124-144, 2019
TransAID Deliverable 3.1-Modelling, simulation and assessment of vehicle automations and automated vehicles' driver behaviour in mixed traffic-iteration 2
E Mintsis, D Koutras, K Porfyri, E Mitsakis, L Lücken, J Erdmann, ...
TransAID Deliverable 4.2-Preliminary Simulation and Assessment of enhanced traffic management measures
S Maerivoet, L Akkermans, K Carlier, YP Flötteröd, L Lücken, R Alms, ...
Enhanced Traffic Management Procedures in Transition Areas
S Maerivoet, A Wijbenga, J Vreeswijk, E Mintsis, D Koutras, X Zhang, ...
13th ITS European Congress, 2019
TransAID Deliverable 6.2/2-Assessment of Traffic Management Procedures in Transition Areas
L Lücken, M Schwamborn, E Mintsis, D Koutras, V Karagounis, A Correa, ...
Autonomous and cooperative design of the monitor positions for a team of UAVs to maximize the quantity and quality of detected objects
DI Koutras, AC Kapoutsis, EB Kosmatopoulos
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 5 (3), 4986-4993, 2020
Enhanced Traffic Management Procedures of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Transition Areas
S Maerivoet, K Carlier, B Ons, A Wijbenga, S Boerma, J Vreeswijk, ...
D3. 5 Dynamic and Adaptive Swarm Optimization V1
S Apostolidis, D Koutras, G Orfanidis, P Michailidis, K Ioannidis, ...
TransAID Deliverable 3.2: Cooperative maneuvring in the presence of hierarchical traffic management (2nd iteration)
E Mintsis, L Lücken, J Schindler, M Rondinone, A Correa, B Coll Perales, ...
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